The White Isle is a blog about Ibiza by Tristan and Rosey. The blog is a perfect tool to prepare yourself for an awesome holiday in Ibiza! Be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram.


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Dreamtime Traveler is a blog by Reka Kaponay. Follow her on a dreamtime journey of exploration, adventure, discovery & learning by reading her blog or on Facebook and Instagram. Also check out her debut novel Dawn of the Guardian.

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Miss Adventures Abroad is a travel blog by tour guide Catalina. Originally from the US she now lives in Florence (Italy) and her mission is a life full of travel and adventure. Check out her blog for lots of tips and be sure to check out her Instagram and Facebook as well.

The London Thing - LogoThe London Thing is a blog by Tania, a London based blogger (who would have guessed:P). The blog focuses mainly on all cool things happening in London and also offers some great inspiration on fashion and beauty. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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The 144-room Trumbull and Porter Hotel Detroit is highly recommended when your planning a trip to Detroit! Guests enjoy supremely comfortable designer rooms with custom furniture built by Michigan artisans. The hotel features a spacious fitness center with an incredible city view, sundry shop and lobby bar. You won’t find anything “run-of-the-mill” here.


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Wildkiwi is an adventurous travel blog by Chris Long. Chris grew up in the wilds of New Zealand in a family that is known as the most isolated family in the country, read more on that here.  Have a look at his Instragram for some awesome shots:

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Check out ‘Tripping Blonde‘, a travel and lifestyle blog by Linda. With over 40 countries visited I’m sure you’ll find some very interesting stories, experiences and travel tips! Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook.

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Gab and Gobble is a food blog by Sherry, a NYC based food enthusiast. Nothing makes her happier than a delicious meal:) Be sure to follow her on Instagram as well.

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Write Change Grow is a blog by Thea, a blogger with a mission to inform, inspire and motivate! She’s written an ebook that helps you to grow as a person: Moving on Up. Be sure to check out her post on ‘What to do when you hate your job‘ 🙂



While I’m Young and Skinny is a travel & lifestyle blog run by Danielle, a British girl working and living in Dubai. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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Travel Alphas is a blog by Maddy & Mauricio, a couple from Southern California, where they share travel stories, experiences and tips to inspire their readers. Learn more about them on their About Page.

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Made all the Difference – Follow the adventures of Jennifer, a small town girl who decided to explore the world! Great for inspiration and travel tips. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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Chocolatour by Doreen combines two of the best things in life: travel & chocolate! Read all about her quest in search of the best chocolate and chocolate experiences around the world. And if you like what you read, why not consider checking out her printed book.



Marjorie R. Williams is a food and travel writer, and co-author of Markets of Paris, 2nd ed. (The Little Bookroom), a travel guide to antiques and flea, food, and craft markets in Paris, check it out on Amazon. Be sure to check out her blog as well to learn more about her favorite markets.


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Source: TheCrazyTourist

Check out the ‘3 Nights in…‘ blog by Renata Jirasová, owner/editor of the travel portal Business Trip Friend. The blog supplements the main travel portal and is a great resource for inspiration and travel tips. As the name suggests most of Renata’s travels are for 3 nights, so expect lots of tips for short trips.


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Source: TheCrazyTourist

Check out the Selim Family travel blog where they share their experiences of family travel and adventures around the world. And if you’d like to learn more about the family, check out their about page!




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Naomi in Wonderland is a great travel blog by Belgian blogger Naomi. She’s been traveling and has a lot of stories to share. Want to know where she’s been? Then check out her Destinations Page!