22 Best Fishing Destinations In Canada

16. North Saskatchewan River – Saskatchewan/Alberta

North Saskatchewan River - Saskatchewan/Alberta

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North Saskatchewan River – Saskatchewan/Alberta

This beautiful glacier fed river flows over eight hundred miles all the way from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the wheat fields of the Saskatchewan prairies. The river has a long history, as it was used as a major trade route for centuries. Fishing on this fast flowing river can be a varied experience. If you can find a place to get down to the river, even in small town Saskatchewan in the heart of the prairies, there is still the opportunity to catch Sturgeon. The opportunity is elusive, but pulling out one of these large, prehistoric looking fish, can be a thrilling, unforgettable experience.

17. Great Bear Lake – Northwest Territories

Great Bear Lake - Northwest Territories

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Great Bear Lake – Northwest Territories

Lying hundreds of miles from civilization, astride the Arctic Circle, Great Bear Lake is the largest lake located entirely in Canada. The fourth largest lake in North America, Great Bear is fished by less than three hundred lucky people each year. The indescribable beauty of the North is an experience not to be missed. Deemed the land of the midnight sun, breathtaking sunsets and heart stopping displays of Northern Lights are common. The wildlife in the area are plentiful and unique. You may be lucky enough to spot a caribou, a bear, or even a muskox. The Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling fishing at Great Bear Lake are unrivaled.

18. Terra Nova National Park – Newfoundland and Labrador

Terra Nova National Park - Newfoundland and Labrador

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Terra Nova National Park – Newfoundland and Labrador

Extending across 400 sq. km, Canada’s easternmost national park offers a wide breadth of natural beauty and activities. Kayak, canoe, or boat among whales and icebergs. Spectacular coastline and beautiful bays offer abundant Trout and Salmon fishing. Inland, over 100km of hiking trails await. From forests and meadows, to jutting cliffs and rolling hills, the Terra Nova National Park is not to be missed.

19. Lake Diefenbaker – Saskatchewan

Lake Diefenbaker - Saskatchewan

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Lake Diefenbaker – Saskatchewan

Lake Diefenbaker came into existence with the creation of Gardiner Dam, officially opened in 1967. One of the world’s largest earth filled dams, Gardiner Dam is a site to behold in its own right. Extending for approximately 5000 meters, and standing 65 meters tall, the dam discharges an impressive 7,500 cubic meters of water a second.  If you want to see the dam in all is glory, you can check out the kilometer long spillway. The lake is also stellar for fishing. Sixteen years ago, half a million Rainbow Trout escaped from a fish farm on the lake. Now, monster size trout dwell in the warm waters below the dam. Lake Diefenbaker holds the World Record for the largest Rainbow Trout ever caught, weighing in at 48 pounds. The bays around the lake also boast trophy Walleye and Northern Pike fishing.

20. Besnard Lake – Saskatchewan

Besnard Lake - Saskatchewan

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Besnard Lake – Saskatchewan

Dubbed “the lake of many islands,” Besnard is a unique and beautiful body of water in Norther Saskatchewan. Offering over 188 miles of shoreline, Besnard is fed by the Mercier River. These fast flowing waters are the spawning grounds for Walleye. Experience the true beauty of the north while taking in some excellent and varied fishing. Spend hours in sheltered bays, fish for walleye off the rocks, find a bed of weeds for Northern Pike. Hunt down the perfect island for shore lunch. At the end of the day, breath taking sunsets illuminate the sky.

21. Fond du Lac River – Saskatchewan

Fond du Lac River - Saskatchewan

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Fond du Lac River – Saskatchewan

One of the upper branches of the Mackenzie River system, Fond Du Lac River is a remote region which boasts spectacular Walleye, Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, and Lake Trout fishing. The River is only accessible by float plane. Witness untouched wilderness like never before. The River flows through the Boreal Forest and the breathtaking Sandstone Gorges. Moose, bear, timber wolves, and caribou call the area home. Sparkling beaches and exciting class one and two rapids await.

22. Black Lake – Saskatchewan

Black Lake - Saskatchewan

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Black Lake – Saskatchewan

Journey to the unspoiled north to try your hand at fly fishing for Arctic Grayling, or angle for Northern Pike and Walleye. From the beautiful landscape to the sandy beaches, Black Lake is a unique area rich with history. Plentiful wildlife can also be spotted in the area, making it a true wildlife photographer’s paradise.

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