17 Things To Do In North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire is a region in Scotland sandwiched neatly between the important cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. North Lanarkshire is full of history as well as being a home to a number of beautiful towns. In North Lanarkshire, you will find stunning Scottish countryside, a rich traditional heritage, and plenty to do for everyone. Here are some of the best things to do on your next visit to North Lanarkshire.

1. Strathclyde Country Park

Kilchurn Castle

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Kilchurn Castle

Strathclyde Country Park is an icon of the North Lanarkshire countryside. Covering a huge 400 hectares, the park surrounds the man-made Strathclyde Loch. Here you will find beautiful views of the Scottish countryside as well as stunning vistas across the loch and nearby River Clyde. Search for the remains of a Roman fort and bath house to get closer to Scotland’s rich history. Visit M&D’s for Scotland’s most well-known theme park and a fun day out. Strathclyde Country Park is ideal for nature lovers too, with extensive parkland and woodland to discover. This is a great place to start your adventures in North Lanarkshire.

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17 Things To Do In North Lanarkshire:

Kilchurn Castle