15 Things to Do in the Albanian Riviera

2. Llogara National Park

Llogara National Park

In the same area as the Llogar Pass, Llogara National Park is 1020 hectares of alpine forest rich with plant and animal life. It’s about 30km from Vlore, directly between Dhermi and Orikum, and has been a national park since 1966.  There are resorts within the park, and most visitors come for hiking, picnics, air adventure sports, and for a cosy alpine retreat.

It’s a refreshing break for most people thanks to the combination of high mountain air and closeness to the sea. There are over 100 different birds and animals that call the park home. The trees in the park are particularly interesting because they have been moulded over time by the sea air currents.

Be sure to check out Flag Pine which most say resembles the Albanian Eagle.

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