15 Best Things to Do in Show Low (AZ)

Show Low is a small city of around 10,000 people located in Navajo County, Arizona state (USA). It was established in 1870 and was incorporated in 1953. Legend says that the name “Show Low” originated from a game of poker held many years ago between Corydon Cooley and Marion Clark; both were partners in a large ranch, but at one point they couldn’t work together anymore.

So, they decided to settle the issue with a game of poker – the winner will take everything while the loser walks away.

The game lasted for hours and hours, with no sign of ending, so at one point, Clark said, “If you can show low, you win.” At this point, the other man showed his hand, which was the lowest possible, and replied, “Show low it is”.

Even the main street of the city is named “Deuce of Clubs”, reminding people of the poker hand that eventually led to the creation of this place.

If you happen to visit Show Low, here are the best things to do:

1. Visit the Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation AreaSource: KishoreJ / shutterstock
Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

The most popular activity in the area is to visit this wonderful natural park located in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.

If you love outdoor activities and stunning mountain scenery, this is the place for you.

You can hike along the lake, camp, fish, take a boat ride, watch the wildlife, or simply enjoy a picnic.

This wonderful place is very close to the city, so you can head back whenever you want.

But when you are here, you still feel as if you are far away from the noise of the city and deep within nature.

No matter their age, visitors loved this place and gave it high ratings on all travel websites.

2. Take A Walk in the Show Low City Park

Show Low City ParkSource: The City of Show Low / Facebook
Show Low City Park

Yet another place for relaxing outdoor activities, the Show Low City Park offers everything you need for a great time.

You can walk on its beautiful trails and enjoy the scenery, have a picnic, play basketball while you let the kids run amok on the playground – there is even an area for man’s best friend.

Plus, there are various events held in the park during summer and various vendors with great local food.

3. Visit the Show Low Museum

Show Low Museum Room 15Source: WordPress
Show Low Museum Room 15

Whether you are passionate about history or not, whether you are young or old, you will love the city museum.

It features 16 rooms – each with its own theme – presenting the history of the area in a fun and entertaining way.

The best thing is that it’s absolutely free.

4. Play Golf at the Bison Club

Bison Golf ClubSource: Bison Golf Club / Facebook
Bison Golf Club

Whether you are passionate about this game or just want to try something new, playing golf is a fun and relaxing activity for the entire family.

Not only will you play this wonderful game, but you will also enjoy the stunning scenery, whether it’s a grand meadow or an area surrounded with tall pine trees.

The entire course has 18 holes, so take your time and play them all.

5. Have a Beer at the Black Horse Brewery

Black Horse BrewerySource: Black Horse Brewery / Facebook
Black Horse Brewery

If you are tired after all the hiking and golfing, visit this brewery and enjoy a good local beer.

It is a family owned business that creates some amazing varieties of beer, all with natural, local ingredients.

The place is also kid-friendly since it serves various types of homemade soda and snacks.

You can even bring your own meat and cook it at the grill that is available to visitors.

Overall, it’s a wonderful place where you can have a great time with your loved ones.

But don’t worry, you can also come alone; everyone here is friendly and welcoming.

6. Ski at the Sunrise Ski Resort

Sunrise Ski ResortSource: Sunrise Park Resort / Facebook
Sunrise Ski Resort

If you happen to visit Show Low during winter, take a day or two and go to the nearby Sunrise Ski Resort.

Even if it’s not the best winter and there isn’t much snow in the city, don’t worry, because there will be plenty of it at the resort.

This is because they have 10 new, state of the art snow guns that will create the perfect conditions for skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports and activities.

There is also a hotel with a restaurant and all the other facilities you might need to have a good time.

7. Visit the Unity of the White Mountains

Unity Of The White MountainsSource: Unity of the White Mountains / Facebook
Unity Of The White Mountains

This is an organization for those people who enjoy spirituality more than religion.

Here, you can sing, pray, celebrate, or learn from other people to better understand yourself and your purpose on Earth.

The place is positive, open and spiritual; they also organize various hikes and visits to sacred places nearby.

8. Get A Nice Gift from Lazy Bear Décor

Lazy Bear DécorSource: Lazy Bear Decor / Facebook
Lazy Bear Décor

If you really liked the city of Show Low and want to have some memories from this place, as well some cool gifts for those at home, you can visit this small but cute gift shop.

There are so many interesting items that some people compare it to a museum.

They have all sorts of rustic home décor, as well as themed products related to bears, deer, elks, or other animals in the area.

The owners and employees are very friendly and helpful and will guide you in finding the right souvenir or gift.

9. Walk on the Show Low Bluff Trail

Show Low Bluff TrailSource: White Mountains Trail System / Facebook
Show Low Bluff Trail

Yet another fun outdoor activity in Show Low is to take a quick hike along the Bluff Trail.

It is an easy walk for anyone, no matter what your level of fitness.

It takes 1-2 hours, depending on how fast you walk.

Along the way, you will see a nice open meadow, frogs, and various flowers and plants, a bridge that crosses the Show Low Creek, and finally a wooded bluff.

This could make for a nice, relaxing afternoon activity for the entire family, so just take your time and enjoy the scenery.

10. Visit the Pintail Lake

Pintail LakeSource: Eric S. Neitzel / Facebook
Pintail Lake

While not a huge lake, it’s still a good way to spend an hour or two for those that truly enjoy mother nature.

It has paved and easily accessible trails that will take you to an observation deck, from where you will be able to watch a wide variety of birds and other animals.

It is a quiet and peaceful place where you can just relax and forget about your problems.

11. Eat at the PerSNIKKIty’s Cafe & Bakery

PerSNIKKIty's Cafe & BakerySource: Persnikkity's Cafe / Facebook
PerSNIKKIty’s Cafe & Bakery

This is probably the most popular café and bakery in Show Low; it offers a wide variety of interesting foods, including gluten-free options.

Some of the unique recipes you can find here are the Pineapple Sandwich or the BBQ Chipotle Chicken.

12. Shop at The Burly Bear

The Burly BearSource: The Burly Bear / Facebook
The Burly Bear

If you want to buy more than just a small souvenir to remind you of Show Low, you can visit The Burly Bear for a wide variety of home décor items and furniture.

There are many options to choose from and the prices are good.

13. Eat A Steak at the Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

Cattlemen’s SteakhouseSource: Cattlemen's Steakhouse and Lounge / Facebook
Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

Here you will find some of the best prime ribs in the city, plus a wide variety of steaks and other dishes.

The portions are large and the prices are affordable.

They even bake their own bread, so you will definitely have a great time at the Cattlemen’s Steakhouse.

14. Do some Shooting at The Hub

The HubSource: The Hub (The Hub Lakeside) / Facebook
The Hub

Whether you are passionate about firearms and archery or simply want to try something new, you can visit The Hub and use their indoor shooting range (along with an expert that will teach you all there is to know, of course).

Here at The Hub, you will also find a wide variety of guns to buy; you can also sell your own, as they offer pawn services.

15. Ride A Horse at the Porter Mountain Stables

Porter Mountain StablesSource: Porter Mountain Stables / Facebook
Porter Mountain Stables

Horse riding is a fun and unique activity for the entire family.

An expert will teach you everything that you need to know, and you will take a nice, relaxing ride along some beautiful paths.

Probably the best of all is the sunset ride, where you will admire splendid vistas as the sun goes down.

As you can see, the small city of Show Low Arizona has plenty of interesting things to choose from.

It offers both indoor and outdoor activities, so there is something for everyone.


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15 Best Things to Do in Show Low (AZ):

  • Visit the Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area
  • Take A Walk in the Show Low City Park
  • Visit the Show Low Museum
  • Play Golf at the Bison Club
  • Have a Beer at the Black Horse Brewery
  • Ski at the Sunrise Ski Resort
  • Visit the Unity of the White Mountains
  • Get A Nice Gift from Lazy Bear Décor
  • Walk on the Show Low Bluff Trail
  • Visit the Pintail Lake
  • Eat at the PerSNIKKIty's Cafe & Bakery
  • Shop at The Burly Bear
  • Eat A Steak at the Cattlemen’s Steakhouse
  • Do some Shooting at The Hub
  • Ride A Horse at the Porter Mountain Stables