15 Best Things to Do in Redondo Beach (CA)

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Redondo Beach is a seaside city of about 67,000 people situated in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County.

One of the best things about Redondo Beach is its central location. Los Angeles is only 22 miles away, and the main beach links it to the nearby cities of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Redondo Beach is known for its carefree, beach town atmosphere, and the city is home to a scenic pier and some of the best surfing in the country. Beach volleyball, hiking, cycling, fishing, sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, paddleboarding, and snorkelling are some of the other outdoor activities popular in the area.

Redondo Beach is also home to many waterfront restaurants catering to every taste imaginable. Popular shopping areas in the city include South Bay Galleria and Riviera Village.

Many festivals and events take place in Redondo Beach throughout the year, including the BeachLife Festival, South Bay Greek Festival, and the Annual Festival of the Kite.

Below are 15 of the best things to do in and around Redondo Beach, California

1. Learn about Local History at the Redondo Beach Historical Museum

Redondo Beach Historical MuseumSource: Underawesternsky / shutterstock
Redondo Beach Historical Museum

The best way to start a visit to a new city is with a trip to the local museum. The Redondo Beach Historical Museum is where visitors to Redondo Beach learn about the history, culture, and people of the city.

The museum itself is housed in the 1904 Queen Anne House. Inside this house is an extensive collection of artefacts, photos, memorabilia, and documents related to Redondo Beach.

Also on-site is a gift shop, rose garden, and the historic Morrell House built in 1906.

2. Redondo County Beach

Redondo County BeachSource: Harun Ozmen / shutterstock
Redondo County Beach

Situated along Redondo Beach’s waterfront is the most popular attraction in the city, its 1.5-mile-long beautiful, sandy beach.

Besides swimmers and surfers, Redondo County Beach attracts anglers and cyclists, who come to bike the Marvin Braude Coastal Trail.

On-site facilities include volleyball courts, picnic areas, restrooms, and a playground. Lifeguards are on duty.

3. Relax Outdoors in Dominguez Park

ParkSource: DAMRONG RATTANAPONG / shutterstock

Dominguez Park in Redondo Beach is a large green space with grassy areas and lots of trees where you can relax.

Within the park’s 24 acres is a range of facilities, including picnic areas, a playground, and sporting fields.

4. Sea Level Restaurant and Lounge

Sea Level Restaurant and LoungeSource: Sea Level Restaurant and Lounge / Facebook
Sea Level Restaurant and Lounge

Whether it’s your first meal of the day or a multi-course dinner after a long day of exploring, Sea Level Restaurant and Lounge has you covered. This prize-winning eatery specializes in top-quality seafood dishes but offers a wide range of options for all tastes.

Situated inside the Shade Hotel, you’ll walk into a luxurious environment with a beachy ambience. Take a seat indoors or outdoors on comfortable seating overlooking the waterfront.

On the menu, you’ll find many items, including a range of appetizers, salads, pizzas, and seafood dishes. The drink menu features handcrafted cocktails and a wide selection of wine and craft beers.

5. Hang out at the Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach PierSource: gyuchan / shutterstock
Redondo Beach Pier

One of the most notable landmarks in Redondo Beach is the Redondo Beach Pier, otherwise known as Horseshoe Pier. This well-known attraction has more than stunning ocean views; it also has a wide range of attractions.

As you stroll along the pier, you’ll find many restaurants, bars, and boutique shops. This is also the place to go paddleboarding and kayaking and take a harbour cruise. Make sure you leave time to watch the beautiful sunsets the area is known for.

6. Spend Some Time in Nature at Hopkins Wilderness Park

Hopkins Wilderness ParkSource: Michelle Meller Blaine / Facebook
Hopkins Wilderness Park

While Redondo Beach is most definitely a beach town, visitors are surprised to learn there’s a pristine nature area filled with meadows, forests, streams, and ponds only minutes away from the ocean.

Hopkins Wilderness Park is 11 acres of beautiful, natural green space in the centre of the city. It was originally established several decades ago as a conservation area. Today, it’s a popular refuge away from the busy seaside regions.

Inside the park, you can participate in many outdoor activities, including camping and hiking along several trails that pass through different habitats.

An amphitheatre, playground, picnic areas, and restrooms are some of the amenities you’ll find around the park.

7. Learn to Sail with South Bay Sailing

Sailing in Redondo BeachSource: canahtam / shutterstock
Sailing in Redondo Beach

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sail, take a cruise with South Bay sailing and learn the ropes from certified, professional instructors and guides.

During your cruise, you’ll learn some basic techniques about sailing, but also find out about the marine life of the Redondo Beach area and witness spectacular scenery. You’ll see plenty of sea birds and may even get to meet some of the marine creatures who live in the bay.

8. Admire Local Art and Photography at Gallery JS

Gallery JS is the home of landscape photographer Jill Sanders’ stunning gallery. This art and photographic studio features exhibits showcasing the artist’s breathtaking landscapes. The gallery has been open since 2015, and the public is invited to come in and admire these pieces.

9. Go Whale Watching with Redondo Beach Whale Watching and Nature Cruises

Whale WatchingSource: Andrea Izzotti / shutterstock
Whale Watching

Whale watching is a popular activity in Redondo Beach, and you can go on an excursion to see some of the whales that make their home offshore with Redondo Beach Whale Watching and Nature Cruises.

The spacious boat leaves the pier year-round and will take you to an area in South Bay offshore from the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

During this two-and-a-half-hour journey, you’ll have the chance to see whales, including grey whales, humpback whales, minke whales, fin whales and sperm whales. Sharks, dolphins, seals and many species of seabirds are often spotted on these tours, too.

Your touring vessel has inside and outside seating and a full-service canteen offering beverages and snacks.

The company also offers 45-minute nature cruises that sail to an area where sea lions, dolphins and seabirds are commonly spotted.

10. Get Away from the Crowds at Torrance State Beach

Torrance State BeachSource: Angel La Canfora / shutterstock
Torrance State Beach

Torrance State Beach is a beautiful beach in the Redondo Beach area perfect for visitors who wish to get away from the crowds of the more popular beaches in the city.

The beach is long and sandy, and you can participate in a variety of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, and surfing.

On-site amenities include a picnic area, concession stands, and restrooms with showers. Lifeguards patrol the beach throughout the year.

11. Enjoy Healthy and Delicious Food at Turquoise Restaurant

Turquoise RestaurantSource: Turquoise Organic & Natural Mediterranean Restaurant / Facebook
Turquoise Restaurant

Voted one of the healthiest restaurants in the area, Turquoise Restaurant has a wide selection of items sure to satisfy your hunger without any guilt.

This cosy bistro serves a wide variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. High-quality, organic and natural ingredients are used as much as possible.

On the menu, you’ll find appetizers, salads, paninis, wraps, and main entrees such as chicken kabob, roasted vegetables, and fresh wild salmon.

12. Relax in Veterans Park

Veterans Park, Redondo BeachSource: Harun Ozmen / shutterstock
Veterans Park

At Veterans Park in Redondo Beach, you have access to open green spaces looking out over the ocean. A children’s playground and a memorial to area veterans are also on-site.

13. Spend a Day on the Greens at Westdrift Golf

GolfSource: Mikael Damkier / shutterstock

Westdrift Golf is a 9-hole, par-3 course situated in a beautiful area surrounded by stunning natural habitat.

While the course is suitable for all levels of players, there are sufficient challenges to ensure your game is anything but boring. Sand traps, lakes, and palm trees are just some of the challenges you’ll find as your game moves along.

The on-site restaurant specializes in fresh, unique dishes. Indoor and outdoor dining is available. Equipment rentals are available on site.

14. Spend a Day in the Sun at the Seaside Lagoon

Seaside LagoonSource: Toms Auzins / shutterstock
Seaside Lagoon

The Seaside Lagoon in the King Harbour area of Redondo Beach is an excellent spot for swimming and other activities, such as sunbathing, volleyball, and picnicking.

The beach area is sandy, and lifeguards are on-hand during the summer season. On-site amenities include a playground and Ruby’s Restaurant, which serves light meals, snacks and beverages.


15 Best Things to Do in Redondo Beach (CA):

  • Learn about Local History at the Redondo Beach Historical Museum
  • Redondo County Beach
  • Relax Outdoors in Dominguez Park
  • Sea Level Restaurant and Lounge
  • Hang out at the Redondo Beach Pier
  • Spend Some Time in Nature at Hopkins Wilderness Park
  • Learn to Sail with South Bay Sailing
  • Admire Local Art and Photography at Gallery JS
  • Go Whale Watching with Redondo Beach Whale Watching and Nature Cruises
  • Get Away from the Crowds at Torrance State Beach
  • Enjoy Healthy and Delicious Food at Turquoise Restaurant
  • Relax in Veterans Park
  • Spend a Day on the Greens at Westdrift Golf
  • Spend a Day in the Sun at the Seaside Lagoon