15 Best Things to Do in Prichard (AL)

Prichard lies 5 miles north west of the coastal city of Mobile, Alabama.

The city began as a settlement in the mid-1800s and was known for its shipbuilding and paper trade.

It has a rich history and culture which can be explored in its streets, parks and buildings, plus you are within 7 minutes’ drive of Mobile which hosts a vast array of attractions.

Highlights include Battleship USS Alabama, Church Street Historic District and Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more nature-driven vacation, there are scenic wetlands, state parks and botanical gardens to explore.

Let’s have a look at the best things to do in Prichard:

1. Chickasabogue Park

Chickasabogue Park

Chickasabogue Park boasts 1,100 acres of woodland, hiking paths and wildlife.

The verdant outdoor recreational park strives to protect the diversity of its plants and animals which include raccoons, armadillo and deer.

You can take a tent and camp in the park, enjoying evenings under the stars with friends, or launch a boat and fish from the banks of picturesque Chickasaw Creek.

The park is popular with anglers seeking to catch bass, crappie, bluegill and catfish, and there are several hikes through pines and oak woods to enjoy.

2. Battleship USS Alabama

Battleship USS Alabama

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Battleship USS Alabama

If you wish to dive into local history, you can do so at Battleship USS Alabama.

The ship, which was built in 1940, began its naval career in Portsmouth, Virginia.

In the following years from 1942, the battleship became involved in the Second World War, in the North Atlantic, and was home to 2,500 American servicemen.

Towards the end of the war, USS Alabama led the fleet into Tokyo Bay in 1945 and became known as the ‘Heroine of the Pacific’ before retiring to Mobile, Alabama.

Today, Battleship Memorial Park receives visitors from throughout the world, keen to board and tour the ship, explore the decks and listen to tales of military operations.

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3. GulfQuest: National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico


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With over 90 exhibits, this interactive museum in nearby Mobile is a fascinating place to spend a day.

Exploring all maritime topics from trade routes and early settlements to shipwrecks, Gulf marine life and weather patterns, there’s much to occupy even the most demanding travellers.

Spend time in GulfQuest Theater, where panoramic images and voices capture what its like to live in the region, then step aboard a full-size container ship to see how the process and engine room works.

With interactive experiences for all ages, it’s a great place to visit with all the family.

4. Prichard Municipal Stadium

Prichard Municipal Stadium

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Prichard Municipal Stadium

Sports fans will enjoy a visit to Prichard Municipal Stadium.

The stadium holds a capacity of up to 10,000 people at any one time, and is usually used for concerts, horse shows, family fun days and high school football games.

If you time your visit right, you may be able to see a live music or sporting event in the city.

It’s fun, lively and it gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded travellers and city locals.

5. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Mobile, Alabama

Source: Christian Hinkle / shutterstock

Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception

The Roman Catholic Cathedral located on South Claiborne Street in Downtown Mobile, was founded in 1703. The cathedral is of Greek Revival architectural style with columns, two towers, small twin cupolas, and laid out in the style of a Roman basilica.

One of the interior’s highlights are the stained-glass windows which were designed in Munich Germany.

There are 12 main windows in total, each depicting scenes and events of Mary and Jesus.

In 1962, Pope John XXIII designated the cathedral as a minor basilica and a building of spiritual importance in Alabama.

6. Kitchen on George

Kitchen On George

Located in the Oakleigh Garden District of Mobile, this elegant restaurant celebrates its southern heritage with a selection of mouth-watering regional dishes.

Set in an understated corner house, the stylish dining room and vast menu are sure to tempt ardent foodies.

The award-winning restaurant offers lunches, dinners and a Saturday brunch menu, perfect if you are enjoying a day of sightseeing.

Try the shrimp and grits, blackened gulf fish with collard greens and red rice, or a dish of hearty seafood stew.

7. Church Street Historic District

Church Street Historic District, Mobile

Church Street Historic District is the ideal place to discover Alabama of old.

The district, around 6 miles from Prichard, in Downtown Mobile offers a great overview of life in the 19th century.

The area features museums, commercial and government buildings ranging from the 1820s to 1900s in a variety of architectural designs from Renaissance Revival to Victorian.

Notable buildings in the historic district include Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Conde-Charlotte House and Government Street Presbyterian Church.

8. Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Centre

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Centre

Voted one of Alabama’s top attractions, Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Centre aims to educate all ages on everything science related.

From entertainment and films to interactive exhibits, there’s always new things to experience.

Younger children can visit the Wharf of Wonder, see a working lighthouse, or take to the seas on a shrimping expedition.

Alternatively, everyone can enjoy a visit to iHealthy Life Science Lab, which shows you how nutrients react inside your body, and how your skeletal system works! There are several fun and fascinating exhibits, so plan to spend at least a few hours here.

9. Mobile Bay Airboat Trip

Mobile Bay Airboat Trip

If you wish to see the city and wetlands from a different perspective, jump on an Airboat Tour of Mobile Bay.

The delta is home to a diverse eco-system featuring herons, owls, alligators, snakes and turtles, which can all be spotted from the airboat.

Helpful tour guides will help you spot rare and endangered species as you jet along the bay, so sit back, relax and let the wind whip your hair, but don’t forget to bring your camera and film the experience.

10. National African-American Archives and Museum

National African-American Archives And Museum

The museum celebrates the heritage of African Americans throughout the country.

With a selection of archives, biographies, carvings and antique artefacts, there are many exhibits to see and admire.

Hear the stories of African-Americans in Alabama and pay tribute to those who made a significant contribution in standing up for change within the system, paving a brighter pathway for future generations.

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11. University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum

University Of South Alabama Archaeology Museum

Have you ever wondered what life was like thousands of years ago on the Gulf Coast of Alabama? If you have, this is the place to visit! The Archaeology Museum located in the University of South Alabama, displays artefacts from this region, covering over 12,000 years of history.

There are exhibitions showcasing ancient cultures, early settlers and stories of African American families after the Civil War.

Visits are self-guided, so you can take your time perusing myriad, fascinating exhibits.

12. Bienville Square

Bienville Square

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Bienville Square

If you are sightseeing or shopping a few miles from Prichard in Downtown Mobile, you will enjoy at break underneath shady trees in Bienville Square.

The public square was founded in 1824, on the site of an old Spanish hospital.

Theodore Roosevelt spoke in the square in 1905, and shipyard workers would meet here to dispute workloads during World War II. The square is often used for concerts and the annual Christmas tree lighting, plus it has a few interesting monuments to explore.

The large cast iron fountain and bandstand are two such highlights.

Relax with a coffee or take a picnic and enjoy this serene wonderland in the heart of the city.

13. History Museum of Mobile

History Museum of Mobile

Learn all about the region at the History Museum of Mobile.

Displaying a selection of artefacts relating to life in Mobile, there’s a variety of antiques, artworks, and Native American exhibits to discover.

The museum boasts a collection of over 100,000 items which represent Mobile’s rich heritage.

Visitors who are taken by a specific display can in fact ‘adopt an artefact’ by donating to the museum.

The donation gains you a certificate with your artefacts photo and story, and a behind the scenes tour of the museum.

Also, as part of the History Museum, you can also visit Phoenix Fire Museum.

Set in an old firehouse nearby, it showcases a selection of early motorized vehicles and horse-drawn steam engines.

14. Meaher State Park

Meaher State Park

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Meaher State Park

Located in the wetlands of Mobile Bay, just over 15 minutes’ drive from Prichard is scenic Meaher State Park.

Set in 1,327 acres of land, the park is perfect for fishing, hiking, nature trails and picnicking with family and friends.

You can spot alligators, birds and wildlife, and anglers can try to catch fresh and saltwater fish.

There’s also the opportunity to stay overnight, as the picturesque state park has two bay side cabins, and tent and RV sites.

15. Mobile Botanical Gardens

Mobile Botanical Gardens

If you enjoy being at one with nature, and exploring different species of trees and flowers, Mobile Botanical Garden is worth a visit.

With 100 acres of glorious woodland trails and paved gardens, the Botanical Gardens feature one of the largest collection of plants on the Gulf Coast.

It’s possible to picnic, hike, and paint within the gardens, alternatively walk through woodland glades, following nature trails to Rose Garden, Winter Garden, and the charming Tea Maze.

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