15 Best Things to Do in Lady Lake (FL)

Situated 53 miles northwest of Orlando and 277 miles northwest of Miami, Lady Lake lies in the center of Florida. It is inward from many of the golden beaches, making it less well-traveled than some of the other tourist spots in Florida.

Lady Lake is part of an area of Florida known as “the Lakes.” It is part of Lake County, so named because of the 250 official lakes in the county and 1,735 other water bodies; 18.9% of the entire county is said to be water. With a population of around 13,000, according to the latest census records, it is a quiet town, and a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the larger cities.

Many people who choose to visit Lady Lake like to combine their trip to other lakes and towns in the area, or camp in the slightly cooler climate.

If you’re heading to Lady Lake for a getaway, here are the top 15 things to do while you’re there.

1. Corkscrew Winery

Corkscrew WinerySource: thecorkscrewwinery.com
Corkscrew Winery

If wine is your thing or you enjoy savoring a glass of your favorite every now and then, this is surely the place to come and unwind for an evening.

As well as wine, the winery also brews and sells beer. You can even help craft your own beer or wine, though be sure to book a time for each activity you want to do, even if it’s just wine tasting, as it can get busy.

There are also snacks for sale, like olives and antipasti.

2. Uncle Donald’s Farm

Uncle Donald’s FarmSource: Theresa Guevara Chang / Facebook
Uncle Donald’s Farm

First opened in 1980, Uncle Donald’s Farm welcomes visitors to come down and pet the large variety of animals they have at their disposal in this working farm. This includes cows, ostriches, and llamas.

There are also many more interesting animals here, such as tortoises, magnificent birds of prey, cute young deer – and what Floridian farm would be complete without an alligator!

The chickens the farm breeds are top-class and are known as ‘heritage’ breeds, which include New Hampshire and New Jersey chickens.

3. Lady Lake Public Library

Lady Lake Public LibrarySource: Lady Lake Public Library / Facebook
Lady Lake Public Library

If you’ve come to Lake Country, then the chances are you’re looking for a quiet getaway. What better way to enjoy some alone time than by indulging in a great book or two. If this is the case, Lady Lake Public Library has your back.

Here you’ll find not only a great selection of books, but a host of events, such as regular book signings and a great summer reading program for kids to get involved in.

There’s also the chance to educate yourself more widely than just by reading books: there are numerous self-directed free courses available to teach yourself a new skill, accessed through their Lynda software. All you need is a library card.

4. Water Oak Country Club and Golf

Water Oak Country Club And GolfSource: Water Oak Country Club / Facebook
Water Oak Country Club And Golf

If you’ve ever dreamed about getting away from it all permanently, why not tour this country club and see some of the latest homes available? This community can help you free yourself from the trappings of the busy city life. If your kids have all grown up, you might be thinking about retirement in the near future.

With a tennis court, discounted rates at the golf park, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool all surrounding a large lake, this could be your dream lifestyle.

If you’re younger or don’t fancy retiring just yet, be sure to check out the 18-hole golf course, which is open to members of the public and a fun-filled way to while away a day.

5. Eaton’s Beach

Eaton’s BeachSource: Eaton's Beach Sandbar & Steam Shack / Facebook
Eaton’s Beach

Eaton’s Beach and Grill offers spectacular views across the harbor and is the perfect place to try out some fantastic cuisine. Claiming to have combined Floridian flavors with the traditions of Louisiana, Eaton Beach offers an eclectic mix of dishes.

The chef is influenced by traditional Cajun, Creole, Low Country, Barbeque, and Spanish dishes.

Situated outside of Lady Lake on 134th Avenue in Weirsdale, it is well worth the short drive to sample some incredible flavors.

6. Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market, Lady LakeSource: Lady Lake Farmer's Market / Facebook
Farmer’s Market, Lady Lake

A weekly tradition that takes place every Tuesday, the Lady Lake Farmer’s Market is the place to get healthy ingredients for your home-cooked recipes, as well as the place to network and make new friends.

Along with fresh produce, the market is also where you can get hold of freshly baked homemade pastries, arts and crafts, and even plants for your home. The event is organized by the local Chamber of Commerce group.

7. Lady Lake Historical Society Museum

Lady Lake Historical Society MuseumSource: Ebyabe / Wikimedia
Lady Lake Historical Society Museum

Opened in 2000 in a converted train depot, Lady Lake Historical Museum, owned and run by the local historical society, is the perfect place to come and see the history of Lady Lake – from its earliest Native American inhabitants to life during the Second World War.

The Teague Room showcases what life was like during the Victorian era after the pioneers settled here earlier in the century.

The famous model train is a visual depiction of Lady Lake during the middle of the 20th century, in the golden age of the late 1940s and 50s after America had won the War.

8. Spanish Springs Town Square

Spanish Springs Town SquareSource: Peter Titmuss / shutterstock
Spanish Springs Town Square

This is the place to come to see some great Spanish architecture and while away the evening – maybe even make some new friends while you’re at it. It’s a nice way of celebrating the fact Florida still has a substantial Spanish community and once was a Spanish colony.

Be sure to check out the fountains or enjoy some great cuisine and one of the many restaurants.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, be sure to head outside for some live entertainment on the street or in the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center.

9. Grand Oaks RV Campground

Grand Oaks RV CampgroundSource: Adventures With Harry The GMC Motorhome / Facebook
Grand Oaks RV Campground

There’s no better way to explore Lady Lake then to get out into nature. Staying in a camping ground or renting an RV to explore the whole of Lake Country on a road trip is surely a far more authentic experience than staying in a hotel.

Be sure to head down to Grand Oaks RV Campground. The 400-acre resort has fishing facilities, a bistro, museum, and a clubhouse with a spa, widescreen television, and pool table.

There are also Grand Oaks live horse show events for those who love their equestrian events.

10. Lake Griffin State Park

Lake Griffin State ParkSource: OnTheTrail / shutterstock
Lake Griffin State Park

Slightly out of town but well worth a visit, Lake Griffin is a 620-acre park complete with a 400-year-old oak tree.

Explore the marshes by renting a kayak or canoe on a guided tour. If water activities are not your jam, check out one of the hiking trails instead. They are both around two miles long.

On these hiking trails, be sure to keep your eyes peeled; you might bump into raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, and bears.

11. Sunset or Sunrise Cruise on Lake Weir

Lake WeirSource: Peter Titmuss / shutterstock
Lake Weir

Enjoy a spectacular sunset or get up early and enjoy the sunrise by going on a sunset cruise of Lake Weir.

This is the best way to see the breathtaking beauty of Lake County with often no one else around. Some of the spectacular wildlife you can witness includes alligators, a host of bird species, and fish.

The lake has a surface area of 5,685 acres and is 34 feet deep.

12. Ocklawaha Prairie Restoration Area

Ocklawaha Prairie Restoration AreaSource: B A Bowen Photography / Flickr
Ocklawaha Prairie Restoration Area

This stunning nature reserve is a must-see and can be combined with a sunset cruise on Lake Weir, which is nearby.

There are four main trekking routes which you can attempt on foot, by bike, or even on horseback.

Because of the sensitivity of the site, cars and RVs are strictly off-limits on the hikes. So this is not a place to come camping and not a place for those who are inactive.

13. Tree Tops Golf

Tree Tops GolfSource: Tree Tops Golf / Facebook
Tree Tops Golf

This 18-hole resort is perfect for your family and friends to come together over a nice game of golf.

With some beautiful waterfalls that provide some gorgeous backdrops for your game, there’s no better place to spend an afternoon.

As well as miniature golf for the little ones, it’s also possible to try your hand at softball and take lessons on how to become a golfing pro. Many of the teachers for the course are PGA professionals. They also use Trackman software to give you insight into your technique.

14. Grand Oaks Museum and Resort

Grand Oaks Museum and ResortSource: Ebyabe / Wikimedia
Grand Oaks Museum and Resort

Once known as the Florida Carriage Museum and Resort, this is the place to come if you’re interested in the history of Colonial America. There are over 160 horse-drawn carriages on display here, many of them originating in Europe.

Some of the carriages you can see include an English Omnibus, a horse-drawn fire fighting apparatus, a WWI supply wagon, a Sicilian Caretta, and a Dutch Tikker.

The museum and entire 400-acre site are accredited with the United States Equestrian Federation, meaning it’s possible to view and partake in equestrian sports here if you wish.

15. Old Mill Playhouse

Old Mill PlayhouseSource: Peter Titmuss / shutterstock
Old Mill Playhouse

Located in nearby The Villages, the Old Mill Playhouse is the place to come to see some of your favorite moves on the big screen in a historic setting.

All the latest releases, as well as some old classics, play here. The cinema even has the famous board outside where the films currently playing are displayed using big letters rather than on an electronic display.

Inside, the bright carpets and art deco style evoke the golden age of cinema in the 1930s, ‘40s, and ‘50s. This is a real treat for movie buffs.

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15 Best Things to Do in Lady Lake (FL):

  • Corkscrew Winery
  • Uncle Donald’s Farm
  • Lady Lake Public Library
  • Water Oak Country Club and Golf
  • Eaton’s Beach
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Lady Lake Historical Society Museum
  • Spanish Springs Town Square
  • Grand Oaks RV Campground
  • Lake Griffin State Park
  • Sunset or Sunrise Cruise on Lake Weir
  • Ocklawaha Prairie Restoration Area
  • Tree Tops Golf
  • Grand Oaks Museum and Resort
  • Old Mill Playhouse