15 Best Things to Do in Firestone (CO)

Written by Bart Meeuwesen
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Firestone is a town of about 12,000 residents that’s equidistant from Denver to the south and Fort Collins to the north.

Located in Weld County just to the west of Interstate 25, it is perfectly positioned to offer visitors easy access to some of the state’s most notable historical, artistic, and outdoor attractions.

For those visiting during the warm spring and summer months, golf, hiking, fishing, and mountain biking are popular activities.

In the winter, downhill and cross-country skiing are favorite pastimes, as are snowmobiling, hunting, and snowshoeing.

Below are 15 things to do in and around Firestone, Colorado.

1. St. Vrain State Park

St. Vrain State ParkSource: Roadwardbound / shutterstock
St. Vrain State Park

Colorado is full of state and national parks; though many of them aren’t easy to get to, some are just a short drive away for those staying in Firestone.

St. Vrain State Park is located just a few minutes from the downtown area and is comprised of approximately 600 acres of land and more than 100 acres of lakes and ponds that are popular with kayakers, swimmers, and anglers.

The park is a notable hotspot for those looking to see bald eagles too, and there are nearly seven miles of multi-use trails that wind their way through a variety of natural environments.

2. Ziggi’s Coffee

Ziggi's CoffeeSource: Ziggi's Coffee / Facebook
Ziggi’s Coffee

Coffee is an essential component of many people’s days, and for those visiting Firestone, there’s no more convenient location to get your fix than Ziggi’s Coffee.

Ziggi’s has been described as quirky and cool. For those on the go, it’s the perfect place to visit because it features an efficient drive-thru that usually takes just a few minutes from the time you order to when you get your drink.

They’ve got a full selection of hot and cold coffees and plenty of non-coffee options as well.

Ziggi’s is open from 5 AM to 7 PM during the week, and on the weekends, they open at 6 AM.

3. Carbon Valley Holiday Festival

ChristmasSource: IgorAleks / shutterstock

So named for its large deposits of coal, Carbon Valley is a historic part of the state that’s home to a number of annual festivals and fairs.

The Carbon Valley Holiday Festival is a full-day event that features fun activities, including arts and crafts, time with Santa, and lots of games for little ones.

There are always tasty treats like Christmas cookies and hot chocolate on-hand throughout the day, and in the late afternoon, there’s a tree lighting ceremony that takes place in front of the city hall in nearby Dacono.

With so much to see and do, plan on spending more than just an hour.

4. Firestone Fall Festival

The fall weather and scenery in Colorado can be absolutely perfect. For those who find themselves in Firestone in mid-October, there’s no better way to experience them both than at the Firestone Fall Festival.

The event takes place at the town’s sports complex and includes fun activities like a haunted house, carnival-style games, a chili cook-off, and a bake sale.

Much of the proceeds go to supporting local schools and charitable organizations, which means it’s not only a fun and memorable way to spend a day, but your dollars will go toward several worthy local causes.

5. The Dougherty Museum

Dougherty MuseumSource: Chuck Goode / Facebook
Dougherty Museum

The Dougherty Museum boasts one of the region’s most impressive collections of historic and vintage automobiles, and many of them are more than 100 years old.

The cars have been restored to near original condition, and some of them have unique engines that run on steam and electricity.

The museum is open from June until August; in a world of high-priced vacation attractions, it’s pleasantly laid-back, educational, and inexpensive.

It’s located on North 107th Street in Longmont, and if you sign the guestbook, you’re allowed to return as many times as you’d like for the remainder of the season.

6. Pepper’s Fireside Grille

Peppers Fireside GrilleSource: peppersfiresidegrille.com
Peppers Fireside Grille

A significant number of diners who eat at Pepper’s Fireside Grill consider it a standout restaurant in a sea of also-rans.

Pepper’s is located on Colorado Boulevard in Firestone and is particularly well-known for its hearty classics like prime rib and steaks, but they also offer fresh seafood, salads, risotto, and pasta.

Their custom cocktails and Bloody Marys are big hits, and they do a Sunday brunch that has been known to draw crowds.

It’s not the cheapest restaurant in town, but considering the top-notch food and trendy but inviting atmosphere, most consider it a good bang for the buck.

7. Pumpkin Pie Days Vintage & Antique Market

Pumpkin Pie Days Vintage & Antique MarketSource: The St. Vrain Historical Society, Inc. / Facebook
Pumpkin Pie Days Vintage & Antique Market

The Pumpkin Pie Days Vintage & Antique Market is an annual event held in Longmont that’s been going strong for more than five decades.

It takes place in mid-October at the Boulder County Fairgrounds on Nelson Road and is one of the area’s most anticipated yearly attractions.

Admission is inexpensive, and proceeds go toward helping the local historical society in their preservation and education efforts.

It’s a day of great food, fun activities, and lots of antique and vintage items for those on the lookout for a keepsake or two to remind them of their trip to the Rocky Mountain State.

8. Story in the Rocks Hike

For less than seasoned hikers, wild Colorado can be a bit intimidating, but there are plenty of options to join guided hikes for those who’d rather not head out into the great outdoors on their own.

Story on the Rocks Hike is a relatively short guided excursion that covers just slightly more than a mile round-trip.

Along the way, hikers will get unique insights into the region’s natural history, much of which stretches back more than 100 million years to when the area was largely covered by a shallow inland sea.

The hikes are free to join, and reservations may be made on the City of Boulder’s website.

9. Longmont Museum and Cultural Center

Longmont Museum and Cultural CenterSource: Erik MasonErik Mason / Wikimedia
Longmont Museum And Cultural Center

Located on Quail Road in town, the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center is the city’s official museum and has been around since the ‘70s.

Featuring a variety of permanent exhibits that touch on the history and culture of the St. Vrain Valley, it has nearly 20,000 individual items in its collection, including Native American relics, historical photographs, mining equipment, and housewares used by those who lived in the area generations ago.

The museum hosts temporary exhibits throughout the year, and there are a number of annual events; one of the most popular is the Dia de los Muertos Festival.

10. Wibby Brewing

Wibby BrewingSource: StickerGiant / Flickr
Wibby Brewing

Though Wibby Brewing has only been open since 2015, it’s quickly attracted a loyal following who love its family and dog-friendly environment and impressive selection of made on-site craft brews.

The brewery is located on Emery Street in Longmont in a building that used to be a commercial turkey processing facility. It specializes in traditional German-style beers.

The taproom is open daily, and though they don’t have a kitchen, their lot usually has a food truck or two serving up great fare that pairs well with beer.

They often host special events like game nights and live entertainment too.

11. Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street Mall, BoulderSource: randy andy / shutterstock
Pearl Street Mall

Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall is a major attraction for its plentiful dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

It’s also a perfect place to get out of the elements when the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and most guests agree that it puts most traditional malls to shame.

The mall features unique amber brick walkways and lots of stores you won’t find elsewhere. In the afternoon and evenings, there’s often live entertainment.

There are number of dining options, and the Dushanbe Tea House is one of the most popular, especially for those looking for a unique and classy experience.

12. Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Boulder Museum of Contemporary ArtSource: Kit Leong / shutterstock
Boulder Museum Of Contemporary Art

Boulder is home to the University of Colorado and features a large number of galleries and museums that are usually only found in larger cities.

The museum was founded in the early-‘70s and has an impressive collection of contemporary art done in a variety of mediums with many international influences.

BMCA is housed in a historic building on 13th Street that was built more than 100 years ago. In addition to its permanent exhibits, it hosts a variety of temporary ones throughout the year from other institutions and private collectors.

Guided tours, live entertainment, and kid’s games in the summer make it a popular family attraction.

13. St. Vrain Cidery

St. Vrain CiderySource: stvraincidery.com
St. Vrain Cidery

Though beer has long been Colorado’s adult beverage of choice, wine, spirits, and hard cider have made great strides in popularity in recent years as well.

St. Vrain Cidery was founded in 2015 and is located just down the road from Firestone on Terry Street in Longmont.

Their ciders come in a variety of fruit-infused flavors like guava and key lime, and their taproom usually has two dozen varieties on-hand at any time.

It’s open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday during the afternoon and evening, and their ciders are available in samplers, pints, and growlers for those who’d like to take some home with them.

14. Boulder Chamber Orchestra

Boulder Chamber OrchestraSource: Boulder Chamber Orchestra / Facebook
Boulder Chamber Orchestra

Since it was founded nearly two decades ago, the Boulder Chamber Orchestra has been one of the state’s premier musical attractions. It hosts performances that sell out on a regular basis.

Aficionados of orchestra and other classical music have noted that the BCO is comprised of a world-class group of performers, and its current conductor has had a long list of high-profile positions before coming to Boulder.

In addition to their concerts, the orchestra’s staff and musicians offer many educational programs tailored toward a wide range of ages and levels of musical ability.

15. UCAR Center for Science Education

UCAR Center For Science EducationSource: NCAR UCAR Science Education / Facebook
UCAR Center For Science Education

The UCAR Center for Science Education is an offshoot of an atmospheric research organization, and it’s full of fascinating interactive exhibits that are engaging and educational for visitors of all ages.

The exhibits touch on a variety of topics like the weather, the oceans, the atmosphere, and climate change. It’s especially popular with those traveling with kids in dire need of meaningful mental stimulation.

The facility is located on Center Green Drive in Boulder, and visitors generally spend between one and two hours on-site.

It’s a great indoor activity option for the winter when the Colorado weather can be harsh and uninviting.

15 Best Things to Do in Firestone (CO):

  • St. Vrain State Park
  • Ziggi's Coffee
  • Carbon Valley Holiday Festival
  • Firestone Fall Festival
  • The Dougherty Museum
  • Pepper's Fireside Grille
  • Pumpkin Pie Days Vintage & Antique Market
  • Story in the Rocks Hike
  • Longmont Museum and Cultural Center
  • Wibby Brewing
  • Pearl Street Mall
  • Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
  • St. Vrain Cidery
  • Boulder Chamber Orchestra
  • UCAR Center for Science Education