15 Best Things to Do in Farmington (Arkansas)

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Farmington, Arkansas lies just west of Fayetteville on U.S. Route 62.

It was officially incorporated in the 1940s and has experienced quite a population boom in the last decade.

The town’s growth rate was more than 60% in that period; it’s mainly due to an improving economy and an influx of those who’d rather live and raise their kids in a more rural setting.

Farmington is located in Washington County amidst the scenic Boston and Ozark Mountain ranges, which makes it one of the state’s more natural and idyllic locales.

Below are 15 fun and educational things to do in and around Farmington, Arkansas.

1. Damon’s BBQ & Grill

Grilled Pork Ribs On The GrillSource: amenic181 / shutterstock
Grilled Pork Ribs On The Grill

No matter where you go in the American southeast, you’ll run into barbecue restaurants that are usually more abundant than churches and Wal-Marts.

Each region has its particular style and taste; for those from out of town, the choices can be a little overwhelming.

Located on East Main Street in Farmington, Damon’s BBQ and Grill is a family-owned restaurant that’s been serving up an impressive variety of offerings for years.

From pulled pork and ribs to smoked chicken, there’s something on the menu for everyone, and their reasonable prices and comfy atmosphere keep people coming back year after year.

2. Pepsi Hogfest

Pepsi HogfestSource: Hugg & Hall Equipment Company / Facebook
Pepsi Hogfest

When you hear a name like Hogfest, you know you’re in Arkansas.

Named after the much-loved Arkansas Razorbacks, Hog-Fest is a weekend-long event that includes sports, live entertainment, and plenty of tasty food and refreshing drink to satisfy even the most insatiable appetites.

Admission is free, and to get the sports season kicked-off properly, events include a pep rally and an area where fans can get an autograph or two from their favorite Razorback players of past years, many of whom went on to the NFL.

Food and drinks aren’t included in the cost of admission, so check their Facebook page or website for specific information.

3. The Junk Ranch

The Junk RanchSource: The Junk Ranch / Facebook
The Junk Ranch

For those planning on visiting the Farmington area at the end of June, stopping by the Junk Ranch would be a great way to meet some locals and have a lot of family-friendly fun without maxing out your credit card.

Held over two days, Junk Ranch is part antique store, part flea market, and part arts and crafts show.

Furniture, art, housewares, jewelry, and tools are a few of the items that’ll be available. There will also be a variety of food vendors on-hand serving up an astonishing array of goodies, from hotdogs and burgers to pie, coffee, and baked goods.

4. Downtown Fayetteville Square & Gardens

Fayetteville Downtown Square & GardensSource: shuttersv / shutterstock
Fayetteville Downtown Square & Gardens

Located at the junction of East and Center Streets in Fayetteville, the Downtown Square and Gardens area have experienced a renovation and renaissance in recent years, and it’s now one of the city’s trendiest destinations.

Now, the area is full of small, locally owned and operated shops, restaurants, and cafes that are great places to rest and relax after a tiring day of sightseeing and exploring.

The downtown area is especially beautiful during the fall and winter holiday season when everything is decorated with lights and ornaments.

Also popular are the nearby Walton Arts Center and live entertainment venue Theatre Squared.

5. Botanical Garden of the Ozarks

Botanical Gardens of the OzarksSource: LA Thomas / shutterstock
Botanical Gardens Of The Ozarks

Billed as northwest Arkansas’ only botanical gardens, the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks is actually comprised of 12 individually-themed and professionally cultivated gardens that include both native and non-native species of plants, flowers, and trees.

During the warm spring and summer months, there’s also an ever-popular butterfly house that’s a big hit, especially with kids.

The gardens are particularly spectacular in spring when everything is in bloom after the long, cold winter.

At certain times throughout the year, the botanical gardens host free family events, instructional activities, and even live entertainment in the summer, so check online before heading out.

6. World Peace Fountain

World Peace FountainSource: Clinton Steeds / Flickr
World Peace Fountain

Nothing promotes world peace more than a giant bronze ball resting in a gurgling fountain; if you agree, cancel your plans and head to the World Peace Fountain in Fayetteville.

The giant ball contains the word ‘peace’ in nearly every language, and all kidding aside, it is a pretty interesting thing to see, if only for a few minutes.

Water flows from the top of the ball and cascades down its sides, and peaceful gardens surround the site.

Some visitors have claimed that it’s possible to spin the massive sphere; though that may be a myth, it’s worth giving it a shot.

7. Wilson Park

Wilson Park, FayettevilleSource: US Department of State / Flickr
Wilson Park

Municipal parks are never too far away no matter where your travels take you. Since they’re free and usually provide simple amenities like playgrounds and covered picnic areas, they’re great places to take a walk, relax or have a picnic with your significant other.

Wilson Park is located on North Park Avenue in Fayetteville and includes a unique playground that looks like a creation of famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

The park’s ponds, flowers, and fountains are also big hits, and it’s conveniently located downtown near other popular local sites of interest, so consider exploring on foot a bit while in the area.

8. Clinton House Museum

Clinton House MuseumSource: Brandonrush / Wikimedia
Clinton House Museum

It may be hard to fathom, but people from all over the world come to see the home in Fayetteville where Bill and Hillary spent the early years of their married life together.

At that time, the dynamic duo were relatively unheard of, but they didn’t waste any time rocketing themselves to stardom on the national and international political stages.

The items on display include furniture, art, and housewares used by the Clintons, and there are a lot of interesting facts about the couple that aren’t commonly known.

Located on West Clinton Drive, even for those who aren’t big fans of Bill and Hillary, it’s worth a visit and may give you a new and unexpected appreciation for what they accomplished.

9. Lake Fayetteville

Lake FayettevilleSource: Amarvelous / shutterstock
Lake Fayetteville

Sporting nearly six miles of shoreline, Lake Fayetteville is one of the residents’ favorite outdoor recreation areas and is close enough to see without spending hours in the car.

Walking, jogging, and mountain biking are popular activities, as is fishing. If you haven’t planned ahead and brought your fishing gear, there’s a tackle shop and boat rental facility on the lake too.

The lake is connected to the Arkansas Greenway trail system, so it’s a great place to start a long exploratory walk of the town.

If you’d like to cycle around the park, bike rentals are available as well.

10. Walton Arts Center

Walton Arts CenterSource: Ken Wolter / shutterstock
Walton Arts Center

Not surprisingly, The Walton Arts Center is named after the philanthropic arm of the Walton family, who are the heirs to the multi-billion-dollar fortune created by Sam Walton.

The arts center is located on West Dickson Street in Fayetteville and has just undergone a thorough restoration, making it an even more inviting venue.

Many previous guests have commented on the quality of shows they experienced, and admission is much cheaper than what you’ll find in larger venues in urban areas.

Food and drinks are available, and though there’s a parking charge, it’s well worth it considering all that the center provides.

11. Arkansas Air and Military Museum

The Arkansas Air & Military MuseumSource: Michael Barera / Wikimedia
The Arkansas Air & Military Museum

The Arkansas Air and Military Museum is comprised of three separate hangars that house a wide variety of propeller and jet-driven aircraft, as well as helicopters that were used for both commercial and military aviation.

It’s an especially alluring place for amateur aircraft enthusiasts, veterans, and children.

Admission is reasonable, and once you’re inside, you’re free to spend as much time as you’d like perusing the selection. In addition to aircraft, there are military and historical items that complement the exhibits nicely.

The museum is located on Highway 71 at Drake Field in Fayetteville and is a great place to visit when the weather isn’t pleasant.

12. Razorback Regional Greenway

Razorback Regional GreenwaySource: Brandonrush / Wikimedia
Razorback Regional Greenway

Though construction was completed only a few years ago, the Razorback Regional Greenway has already become a favorite exercise destination for those living in the Rogers, Springdale, and Bentonville areas.

Comprised of both rural and urban portions, the Greenway is open to bikers and walkers. It is a great way for first-time visitors to get the lay of the land and pick out some places they’d like to explore on their trip.

The greenway consists of nearly 40 miles of dedicated paths that are off-limits to motorized vehicles, so are perfect for those with children, even if they’re in strollers.

13. National Cemetery

National Cemetery, FayettevilleSource: tueano / shutterstock
National Cemetery

Located on South Government Avenue in Fayetteville, the National Cemetery is open year-round and free to visit any time.

The cemetery’s bright white headstones laid out in perfectly straight lines make for an impressive site. There are often military funerals taking place that lend an aura of solemnity to the already poignant area.

The cemetery won’t take long to see, but it’s possible to take a leisurely stroll through the grounds at your own pace.

Parking may be limited during funerals, so be prepared to park off-site.

14. Fayetteville Farmers’ Market Opening Day

Fayetteville Farmer’s MarketSource: Stephen Cochran / Flickr
Fayetteville Farmer’s Market

The first week in April is when the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market officially opens for the year. Like bears that have been hibernating all winter, masses of locals congregate to socialize with their neighbors and pick-up all the things they’ve gone without for months.

The farmer’s market is located on Fayetteville’s downtown square and includes fresh baked goods, arts and crafts, health and body products, and a variety of dairy and prepared foods – nearly all of which are made with local ingredients by local entrepreneurs.

The event includes live entertainment and food trucks stocked with a variety of tasty grub.

15. Shiloh Museum of Ozark History

Shiloh Museum of Ozark HistorySource: Brandonrush / Wikimedia
Shiloh Museum Of Ozark History

Focusing on the preservation of the rich history in Arkansas’ northwest Ozark Mountain area, the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History is located on West Johnson Avenue in Springdale. It’s named after one of the first pioneer villages established in the area well before Arkansas became a state.

That original settlement turned into what’s now Springdale.

Much of the museum’s exhibits focus on the men, women, and children who eked out harsh livings in the dangerous land that was considered the wild frontier in those days.

The museum is near six historic buildings and includes an original photograph collection that numbers nearly half a million.

15 Best Things to Do in Farmington (Arkansas):

  • Damon’s BBQ & Grill
  • Pepsi Hogfest
  • The Junk Ranch
  • Downtown Fayetteville Square & Gardens
  • Botanical Garden of the Ozarks
  • World Peace Fountain
  • Wilson Park
  • Clinton House Museum
  • Lake Fayetteville
  • Walton Arts Center
  • Arkansas Air and Military Museum
  • Razorback Regional Greenway
  • National Cemetery
  • Fayetteville Farmers' Market Opening Day
  • Shiloh Museum of Ozark History