15 Best Things to Do in Citrus Heights (CA)

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Situated in Sacramento County in California, Citrus Heights is a small city of about 87,000 people.

The city is known for its modern shopping facilities, and its central location makes it easy to get to other major centres in the region, including Sacramento and San Francisco. Lake Tahoe and the Napa Valley Wine Country are within a two-hour drive of Citrus Heights.

When it comes to things to do in and around the city, visitors can find many shopping opportunities, including the Sunrise Mall and The Sunrise Marketplace. Arcade Creek Park Reserve is a great place to spend a day outdoors. It has unparalleled views of the surrounding landscape and the opportunity to view wildlife.

The city is also known for having a small-town feel, which means you won’t have to deal with large crowds and lots of noise.

A number of festivals and events are held in and around Citrus Heights throughout the year, including Fair Oaks Chicken Festival, Taste the World Festival, and Berryfest, which takes place in Roseville.

Below are 15 of the top things to do in and around Citrus Heights, California.

1. Find Your Bearings in Tempo Park

Tennis CourtSource: IrenaV / shutterstock
Tennis Court

Your first day in Citrus Heights will likely be spent relaxing and recuperating after hours or days of travel.

Instead of just lazing around in a hotel room all day, spend some time outdoors in Tempo Park; you’ll get fresh air, exercise, relaxation, and a chance to experience the natural side of the city.

On-site, there are tennis courts, soccer fields, a playground, several walking trails, a picnic area, and barbecue facilities.

2. Grab a Bite to Eat at Crepes and Burgers

Crepes and BurgersSource: Crepes & Burgers on Auburn Blvd / Facebook
Crepes and Burgers

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served in the casual, friendly atmosphere of Crepes and Burgers in Citrus Heights; you can satisfy your hunger any time of day.

On the menu, you’ll find many wholesome favourites and unique items, including a variety of crepes, burgers, sandwiches, pasta dishes, soups, salads, and delicious desserts. A kids’ menu is also available.

3. Try Your Luck at Stones Gambling Hall

Stones Gambling HallSource: MilletStudio / shutterstock
Stones Gambling Hall

Looking for an exciting evening of thrills combined with the possibility of winning some cash? Head to Stones Gambling Hall in Citrus Heights and try your luck at some card games.

This establishment is open 24-hours a day. Whether you drop in as the last stop on a night on the town or venture in before you head out on your day’s adventure, you can be sure to find a premium gaming experience every time.

The Tavern room is where you’ll find popular games such as Blackjack and Baccarat. The Saloon features Northern California Poker and many others.

When hunger strikes, head to on-site Sammy’s Restaurant to enjoy some classic tavern favourites with modern flair. A variety of beers and hand-crafted cocktails are also served.

4. Get Some Exercise and Fresh Air at the Miner’s Ravine Bike and Walking Trail

Miner's Ravine Bike and Walking TrailSource: FolsomNatural / Flickr | CC BY
Miner’s Ravine Bike And Walking Trail

Situated on the edge of the Sierra Nevada in nearby Roseville, the Miner’s Ravine Bike and Walking Trail is the perfect place to get some exercise. Enjoy the fresh air and see beautiful views and diverse animal and plant species.

The trail is 8.4 miles long return. It can be accessed year-round and dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash. Along the way, you may spot some wildlife; 50 different species of animals make their home in the area.

Birdwatching is also popular along the trail. There are about 200 species of birds, some native and some just passing through on their migratory journey.

5. Shop till you Drop at Sunrise Mall

ShoppingSource: VGstockstudio / shutterstock

Whether it be a new outfit, an item for your house, or the perfect gift for someone back home, Sunrise Mall has all your shopping needs under one roof.

Inside this mall, you’ll find a mix of premium and well-known retailers, including Macy’s, JC Penney, and Candies. Several eateries are also on-site, and many events are held throughout the year.

6. Take the Whole Family to Roseville Golfland and Sunsplash

Roseville Golfland and SunsplashSource: Cassiohabib / shutterstock
Roseville Golfland and Sunsplash

Nearby Roseville is home to a fun and exciting amusement centre that has been entertaining visitors for almost 40 years. There are a variety of attractions suitable for all ages. The park has two sections filled with rides, games, and eateries.

Golfland has three miniature golf courses, an arcade, and bumper boats.

Sunsplash has 29 water attractions, including slides. Visitors can rent a private cabana during their time in the park.

On-site eateries include a pizza restaurant and several concessions offering a variety of popular options.

7. Visit the Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento ZooSource: LISA WOODBURN / shutterstock
Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo is a 14-acre property featuring more than 500 exotic species from around the world. Lions, chimpanzees, giraffes, jaguars, snow leopards, and kangaroos are just some of the animals you’ll see as you make your way along.

There are also more than 200 reptiles and 35 bird species at the zoo. As many of the species are endangered, the Sacramento Zoo is involved in many conservation ventures.

8. Arcade Creek Park Preserve

Arcade Creek Park PreserveSource: ray_explores / Flickr | CC BY
Arcade Creek Park Preserve

Arcade Creek Park Preserve is the perfect place in Citrus Heights to relax surrounded by nature. This ten-acre preserve features picnic areas, fitness equipment, children’s play areas, and many paved walking trails. It’s also a great location to watch the colourful sunsets the area is known for.

9. Kick Back and Indulge at The Couch

The CouchSource: The Couch / Facebook
The Couch

Enjoy quality time with friends and family, watch the big game, and eat quality all-American cuisine at The Couch in Citrus Heights.

This casual and friendly sports lounge features a wide variety of popular favourites, including wings, popcorn shrimp, and pulled pork sandwiches. There are plenty of televisions and comfortable places to enjoy your meal, both indoors and outdoors.

10. Admire Beautiful Works-of-Art at Blue Line Arts

Art GallerySource: guruXOX / shutterstock
Art Gallery

For more than 50 years, Blue Line Arts in nearby Roseville has welcomed locals and visitors into the modern facility to admire beautiful artworks created by regional and national artists.

See works from well-established or up-and-coming artists who showcase their works and get recognition through various programs offered by the centre.

Many events and educational programs are held throughout the year within the 5,000 square feet of Blue Line Arts.

11. Go Roller-skating at Sunrise Rollerland

Sunrise RollerlandSource: StockPhotosArt / shutterstock
Sunrise Rollerland

In Citrus Heights, roller skating is not something left in the past; it’s still very much alive and well at Sunrise Rollerland, one of only a few wooden-floored rinks left in the state.

Whether you want to rekindle a childhood pastime, learn how to roller skate for the first time, or introduce your kids to the activity, you’ll have a fun and active day at the roller rink.

12. Stock Ranch Nature Preserve

Stock Ranch Nature PreserveSource: ray_explores / Flickr | CC BY
Stock Ranch Nature Preserve

The 47-acre Stock Ranch Nature Preserve in Citrus Heights mixes nature with learning experiences for all ages. This beautiful natural area is teeming with lush plant life and stunning views.

Nearly two miles of walking trails pass along the Arcade and San Juan Creeks. Educational exhibits in the park include a bird viewing area, a landscape garden, and a wetland exhibit.

13. Learn about the History of the Maidu People at the Maidu Museum and Historic Site

Maidu Museum & Historic SiteSource: Rojer / Flickr | CC BY
Maidu Museum & Historic Site

The Maidu Museum and Historic Site in nearby Roseville is committed to preserving the culture and history of the Maidu people and educating visitors about their vibrant past and present.

The museum is situated on the ancient site that Maidu families called home for over 3,000 years. Within the grounds of this National Register of Historic Places site, there are numerous exhibits featuring rock art, petroglyphs and mortar holes.

There are also several multi-media presentations, and various educational programs and events are held throughout the year. A gift shop selling items such as books and handcrafted jewellery is on site.

14. Visit the California State Railroad Museum

California State Railroad Museum, SacramentoSource: Sundry Photography / shutterstock
California State Railroad Museum

With more than 200,000 square feet of exhibits and a designation as one of the largest railway museums in the world, The California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento is a railroad enthusiast’s dream.

However, you don’t have to be an enthusiast to enjoy the interesting displays and interactive experiences at this museum.

As you make your way through the museum grounds, you’ll see the outside and inside of refurbished steam locomotives dating back to 1862, some of which are fully furnished to look as they did in their heyday.

Take the opportunity to walk through a sleeper car and see what it was like to travel in style. Also on-site are many exhibits detailing the history of the railroad.

If there are children in your group, the museum’s Kid’s Corner features educational programs. During the summer season, visitors have the chance to ride along the Sacramento River on a historic steam locomotive or classic diesel train.

15 Best Things to Do in Citrus Heights (CA):

  • Find Your Bearings in Tempo Park
  • Grab a Bite to Eat at Crepes and Burgers
  • Try Your Luck at Stones Gambling Hall
  • Get Some Exercise and Fresh Air at the Miner's Ravine Bike and Walking Trail
  • Shop till you Drop at Sunrise Mall
  • Take the Whole Family to Roseville Golfland and Sunsplash
  • Visit the Sacramento Zoo
  • Arcade Creek Park Preserve
  • Kick Back and Indulge at The Couch
  • Admire Beautiful Works-of-Art at Blue Line Arts
  • Go Roller-skating at Sunrise Rollerland
  • Stock Ranch Nature Preserve
  • Learn about the History of the Maidu People at the Maidu Museum and Historic Site
  • Visit the California State Railroad Museum