15 Best Things to Do in Casselberry (FL)

With a population of just slightly more than 26,000 residents at the time of the last census, Casselberry is one of the smaller cities in the Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford Metropolitan area, but it’s perfectly situated to give guests easy access to nearly all of central Florida’s attractions.

Casselberry is in Seminole County just east of Interstate 4 and is considered to be a suburb of Orlando. Like much of the area, it’s dotted with an array of lakes of all shapes and sizes, which play significant roles in many resident’s recreation activities.

Below are 15 things to do in and around Casselberry, Florida.

1. Casselberry Golf Club

Casselberry Golf Club

For more than seven decades, Casselberry Golf Club has been a favorite of diehard golfers, who appreciate its well-maintained greens, fairways, and scenic views.

The par-69 course is shorter than most of its contemporaries, but that’s precisely what makes it so popular with golfers who’d rather get their round in three hours or less, compared with the four or more it can take at longer courses.

The club offers an on-site restaurant and fully stocked pro-shop, and for those in need of professional instruction, the club’s staff offer lessons as well.

The course is located on South Triplet Lake Drive in Casselberry.

2. Secret Lake Park

Secret Lake Park

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Secret Lake Park

Casselberry’s Secret Lake Park is located on North Triplet Lake Drive and features a variety of amenities and sports and recreation options that keep many locals and visitors coming back regularly.

Basketball and tennis courts, and soccer and softball fields are a few of the major attractions. For those who prefer a casual stroll to strenuous sports, there’s a boardwalk that meanders through the scenic landscape and past a fishing pier jutting into the lake.

Kids are fans of the playground, and there’s an indoor recreation center that’s the perfect escape destination for when the sun becomes unbearable.

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3. Casselberry Art House

Casselberry Art House

Since 2002, the staff at Casselberry Art House have been dedicated to promoting the wonderful worlds of art and creativity; they do it through a number of community outreach programs like art classes, exhibitions, workshops, and lectures from local and visiting artists.

Many of their programs are focused on little ones, but there are ones for adults as well; whether you’re into pastels and watercolors or drawing and pottery, you’ll likely find something that piques your interest.

Previous guests have noted that the staff were pleasant and knowledgeable, the programs were top-notch, and their experience far surpassed their expectations.

4. Colorado Fondue Company

Colorado Fondue Company

For forlorn epicureans convinced that fondue is nothing more than a near-extinct relic from the disco era, there’s cause to rejoice; the Colorado Fondue Company in Casselberry specializes in the cheese-centered form of dining, and it’s attracted quite a loyal following in recent years.

Though fondue is their claim to fame, Colorado Fondue offer their customers a complete menu that includes appetizers, soups and salads, and a variety of entrees. Many of them are prepared with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients.

Located on East Semoran Boulevard in town, they are a must-visit for people looking for a unique dining experience.

5. Semoran Skateway

Semoran Skateway

After gorging on a world-class selection of melted cheeses and starchy bread at the restaurant mentioned above, it may be wise to consider a calorie-burning recreation option or two.

Located on Cassel Creek Boulevard in Casselberry, the Semoran Skateway has been family owned and managed since the late ‘70s and prides itself on its friendly staff, well-maintained facility, and stellar safety record. Previous guests have noted that in addition to all that, it’s downright fun too.

The skateway offers skate rentals to fit feet of most sizes. Though it’s usually open to all ages, there’s dedicated adult-only time on Sundays, so consider dusting off those bell-bottom jeans and spending a few hours skating to the oldies.

6. Howell Branch Nature Preserve

Howell Branch Nature Preserve

The Howell Branch Nature Preserve in nearby Winter Park is comprised of nearly 11 acres of near-pristine wetlands that are scenic, accessible, and home to a variety of plants and animals.

The preserve’s entrance is on Temple Drive, and its amenities include a fitness trail with built-in exercise machines, a playground, and a variety of educational plaques telling guests about the fantastic things they’re seeing.

Dogs are allowed as long as they’re leashed and their owners clean up after them. It’s common to see a variety of wildlife along the trails, especially in the morning and evening when they’re most active.

7. Mead Botanical Garden

Mead Botanical Garden

Source: Timothy Holle / shutterstock

Mead Botanical Garden

From ferns and orchids to roses and citrus trees, the Mead Botanical Garden on South Denning Drive in Winter Park is an amazingly serene and beautiful place that’s the perfect antidote to the area’s more crowded commercial attractions.

The grounds are comprised of more than 50 acres that were cultivated as far back as 1940. The gardens are named after a Florida man, an internationally renowned horticulturalist who lived and studied in Florida in the first three decades of the 20th century.

The facility is open daily from 7:30 in the morning until dusk, and admission is relatively inexpensive.

8. Lil 500

Previous visitors to Lil 500 on Atlantic Drive in Maitland have described it as the perfect combination of high adrenaline and low price, and that’s probably why they’ve been doing business in central Florida continuously since 1968.

Lil 500 isn’t just for kids; in fact, many of their tracks and machines are made for adults only, but for little ones five and older, there are several options.

It’s the kind of facility that usually ends up hogging a significant portion of visitors’ itineraries, and that’s mainly because everyone is so thrilled and engaged that they lose track of time.

9. Wekiwa Springs State Park

Wekiwa Springs State Park

Source: Jason Patrick Ross / shutterstock

Wekiwa Springs State Park

Popular for its proximity to Orlando and Casselberry, its inexpensive admission and wealth of activity options, Wekiwa Springs State Park is one of those places that tends to stand out when travelers look back on their time in the Sunshine State.

The park’s primary draw is the refreshingly cool emerald waters that bubble from below the earth’s surface into its pools, which are like magnets to hot bodies when the weather is warm and humid.

Kayaking, hiking, wildlife observation, and mountain biking are also popular, but if you go during peak times, don’t expect to have the place all to yourself.

10. Congo River Golf

Congo River Golf

Africa’s Congo River is full of man-eating crocodiles and dreadful, water-borne diseases, but thankfully, mini-golf minded travelers with a few hours of free time on their hands will find neither at Congo River Golf on International Drive in Orlando.

The African-themed course’s unique holes loosely follow the epic explorations of Livingstone and Stanley, who trekked much of the Dark Continent more than a decade ago. In addition to its interesting historical aspect, it’s an all-around fun, family-friendly attraction that’s always a big hit with the young and old alike.

During peak times, the course can get a bit congested, so to avoid the crowds, consider a round when they first open their doors.

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11. The Wheel at ICON Park Orlando

The Wheel at ICON Park Orlando

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The Wheel At ICON Park Orlando

The Wheel at ICON Park Orlando is operated by the same people that run the London Eye. Despite towering hundreds of feet up into the often windswept atmosphere, most guests have noted that it provides an amazingly stable ride and a bird’s eye view of the city that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

The wheel’s gondolas are air-conditioned and offer 360-degree views; when the skies are at their bluest, it’s possible to see all the way to Cape Canaveral on the coast.

The wheel is in a popular and trendy area that’s full of retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars, so plan on hanging around for a few hours.

12. House of Blues Orlando

House of Blues Orlando

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House Of Blues Orlando

House of Blues Orlando is probably the closest most guests will get to authentic southern blues without hopping on a plane to Memphis or New Orleans.

Over the years, House of Blues has featured world-class headliners like B.B. King. Though the music is definitely the big attraction, it’s also known for serving ample portions of tasty down-home food like barbecued ribs and burgers. There is a variety of beer, wine, and cocktail options too.

Afternoons are popular times as they give guests time to unwind and imbibe a few adult beverages before the evening’s live entertainment kicks off.

13. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

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Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

At more than 140,000 acres, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is big by any standards. For those who’d rather not spend hours in the car going to Big Cypress National Preserve or Everglades National Park, it’s the best way to experience Florida’s natural wonders up close.

The refuge is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna; from the myriad of trails winding through the varied habitats, it’s common to see gators, snakes, turtles, and a huge array of birds.

It’s located on the same barrier island as NASA’s Kennedy Center, so access is sometimes restricted.

14. The Kennedy Space Center Day Trip

Kennedy Space Center

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Kennedy Space Center

Though most trips to Kennedy Space Center originate in Orlando and consume ten or eleven hours in total, most guests find it an interesting and educational way to spend a day learning about the country’s space program.

From guided tours to IMAX movies and tons of exhibits featuring a wide variety of space-related memorabilia and even massive spacecraft from eras past, it’s an experience that really shouldn’t be passed up.

A variety of tour packages are available, and most include stops for food and shopping at nearby outlets, which breaks up the long stretches of driving nicely.

15. The Florida Mall

The Florida Mall

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The Florida Mall

Though shopping malls are often looked down upon as vacation destinations, they can be real gems, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating and the little ones are demanding to be entertained.

At nearly two million square feet, The Florida Mall is big even by mega-mall standards. It features a variety of luxury brand stores, but there are also ample options for those who’d rather not blow their bankroll.

The mall is located close to lots of Orlando attractions and the airport. There are plenty of dining and entertainment options to fit most tastes and budgets as well.

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