15 Best Things to Do in Tennessee

12. Bell Witch Cave

Bell Witch Cave

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Bell Witch Cave

Tennessee if full of enticing natural attractions, like the Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee. This karst cave is still owned privately, with tours offered in the summer and October. It stands on the grounds of Bell Farm, which no longer is in existence, and harkens back to an era in which the Bell Witch supposedly haunted the Bell Family. Folklore has it that when she finally fled, she hid in the sanctuary of the cave.

If you’re in Tennessee during the summer, take a break from the heat and retreat into the 490 foot long cave. You’ll enjoy the surrounding nature. If you’re brave enough to venture in, maybe you too will hear the ghost of the old witch giving a lecture on cave exploring, much as she did so many years ago to the young Bell children who had thoughtlessly entered the cave.

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