15 Best Things To Do In Spokane (WA)

2. Mobius Children’s Museum

Mobius Children’s Museum

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Mobius Children’s Museum

The Mobius Children’s Museum was established as an interactive museum where children can come to learn about different subjects like science, art, and culture.

The emphasis here is on education in a fun and hands-on environment, and there are a range of galleries here that have different themes for youngsters to enjoy.

These include areas such as the “Out-of-Hand Art Studio” where younger visitors can work on creating their own masterpiece or do other arts and crafts.

Other areas include “Geotopia” where children can learn about geography, and there are also interactive tanks here with reptiles and insects that also aim to teach young visitors about the world’s ecosystems.

There is even a “Globe Theater” where you will find performances of dance, music, and storytelling throughout the day.

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