15 Best Things To Do In Spokane (WA)

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Spokane in Washington is the place to come if you are looking for a variety of activities that will suit visitors of all ages and preferences.

If you are a nature lover, then Spokane can be enjoyed all year round, and you will find hiking trails and parks galore, as well as winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing.

For those travelling with children, Spokane won’t disappoint, as there are dedicated children’s museums here as well as old fashioned attractions like antique carousels and fountains to cool off in during the summer months.

Music fans will find that all tastes are catered for in this city, as you can attend a concert with the powerhouse Spokane Symphony, or take in some live music at one of the vibrant bars in the Downtown district of this buzzing city.

Lets explore the best things to do in Spokane:

1. ROW Adventure Center

ROW Adventure CenterSource: rowadventurecenter
ROW Adventure Center

One of the great delights of Spokane is the chance to get outdoors and take in the natural beauty of this part of the United States, and the ROW Adventure Center is here to help you to do just that.

The company runs a series of adventure packages where you can explore the scenery in Spokane, and you can indulge in white water rafting along the scenic and swift-flowing Spokane River.

As you travel along this famous waterway, you will be able to take in majestic natural features like rocky bluffs and forestlands, and keen bird watchers can look out for eagles and ospreys that live in the area.

2. Mobius Children’s Museum

Mobius Children’s MuseumSource: yelp
Mobius Children’s Museum

The Mobius Children’s Museum was established as an interactive museum where children can come to learn about different subjects like science, art, and culture.

The emphasis here is on education in a fun and hands-on environment, and there are a range of galleries here that have different themes for youngsters to enjoy.

These include areas such as the “Out-of-Hand Art Studio” where younger visitors can work on creating their own masterpiece or do other arts and crafts.

Other areas include “Geotopia” where children can learn about geography, and there are also interactive tanks here with reptiles and insects that also aim to teach young visitors about the world’s ecosystems.

There is even a “Globe Theater” where you will find performances of dance, music, and storytelling throughout the day.

3. Centennial Trail

Centennial TrailSource: flickr
Centennial Trail

For anyone who likes hiking, this 37.5 mile long trail is absolutely not to be missed during a visit to Spokane.

The trail begins at the official state line and ends in Washington at the famous Nine Mile Falls, and on the way it passes through scenic Spokane.

The trail here skirts along Riverfront Park, but if you continue to follow it out of the city center then it will take you through countryside areas to the east and west of the city in both directions.

As the trail is close to the Spokane River, you can expect a plethora of flora and fauna here and bird watching is a popular pursuit for those on a hike.

In the winter months, you can even go snowshoeing or skiing along parts of the trail.

4. Latah Creek Winery

Latah Creek WinerySource: greatnorthwestwine
Latah Creek Winery

Latah Creek Winery has been in business since 1982, so they definitely know what they are doing when it comes to wine.

The winery is a family run affair and has won awards for its blends of grapes which still use traditional techniques in order to get the best results.

For anyone who is a grape aficionado, you can tour the winery which ends in a trip to the tasting room, where you will get the chance to sample some of the products on sale here.

One of the signature blends here is the Merlot, but the winery also has a range of white wines like Chardonnay, so whatever your tastes you will find something to tickle your palette.

5. Manito Park

Manito ParkSource: flickr
Manito Park

Manito Park is a 90 acre stretch of greenery in the South Hill area of Spokane, and is a firm favorite with locals all year round, thanks to the varied activities on offer.

If you want to relax, then you can enjoy a serene picnic on one of the many lawns here, or you can play sports in the communal areas such as the baseball diamonds.

The flora and fauna is diverse, and anyone who is a keen bird watcher will be able to enjoy spotting the local species at Manito Park.

There are also themed gardens in the park such as the dahlia garden and the Japanese garden, as well as ponds and a glass conservatory that houses tropical plants that flourish even in the winter months.

When it comes to the colder seasons, snow is also common here and sledding is a popular pastime.

6. Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Northwest Museum of Arts & CultureSource: flickr
Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

For anyone interested in the history of this region, and in particularly the Native American history that resides here, then the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture is the place to come to learn more.

At the museum you will find a series of five galleries that feature different cultural and historical exhibitions and you will find pieces of art as well as antiques and other period memorabilia.

The museum offers guided tours which also take in the neighboring Campbell House, a historical landmark that dates back to 1898. Expect photographs, historical maps, and antique books at the museum which will give you a vivid picture of this part of the United States in the days of old.

7. Spokane Falls

Spokane FallsSource: flickr
Spokane Falls

The Spokane Falls are a rather unexpected attraction, as they are a set of majestic waterfalls that sit in the business hub of the Spokane downtown area.

There are two distinct parts to the falls which include the Upper Falls and the Lower Falls, both of which have their own dams that are also used to power electricity in the city.

The dams date from 1890, which makes them a historical landmark, and the area is protected by the city so that visitors can continue to enjoy the raging waters here for generations to come.

8. The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

The Cathedral of St. John the EvangelistSource: flickr
The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is actually three smaller churches that have been joined together over the years to form one large cathedral complex.

The cathedral as it now stands dates back to 1954, and is made of local sandstone and towers for 180 feet over Spokane.

The cathedral is known in the city for its decorative features including pretty stained glass and ornate stonework and there is also a pipe organ on display which has over 4,000 individual tubes.

9. Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard ParkSource: mtspokane
Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park

If you travel a little over 20 miles outside of the center of Spokane you will come to Mount Spokane State Park.

Here you can find chairlifts that will carry you to a peak of almost 6,000 feet where you can take off and enjoy snowboarding and skiing in the winter months.

Just some of the features that make this ski and snowboard park so unique are the nighttime skiing activities as well as the snow tubing, and there are also rustic lodges here if you want to extend your stay over a few days.

The summit also houses the Vista House which dates back to the beginning of the 1930s and has been serving delicious meals to hungry skiers for years.

10. Downtown Spokane

Downtown SpokaneSource: flickr
Downtown Spokane

If you are newly arrived in the city, then Downtown Spokane is the place to come to get a flavor of this amazing part of the country.

Downtown Spokane consists of areas such as the Entertainment District where you will find theaters, concert halls, bars, and restaurants.

Other areas of interest include the Cork District where you will find breweries and wineries, and you will also find many of other attractions here such as live music concerts and holiday festivals.

11. John A. Finch Arboretum

John A. Finch ArboretumSource: commons.wikimedia
John A. Finch Arboretum

Nature lovers must make sure not to miss the John A. Finch Arboretum on a trip to Spokane, as this 65 acre facility has one of the largest collections of flora in the region.

The arboretum was founded in honor of a prominent local businessman and has a collection of more than 2,000 trees, plants, and flowers, including a diverse range of lilacs.

There are nature trails in the arboretum in order to take you on a journey around the different species here, and the Touch and See Nature Trail is interactive and will let you get up close to the intoxicating scents and colorful foliage on display.

There are also guided tours if you want to know more about the shrubs and collections housed in the arboretum.

12. Avista Stadium

Avista StadiumSource: mapio
Avista Stadium

Avista Stadium is known as the home stadium of the Spokane Indians, a minor league baseball team that train here throughout the year.

The stadium dates from 1958 and can now seat almost 7,000 spectators at one time.

There are skyboxes here if you want a seat with a view during a game, and there is also a picnic area where you can enjoy a relaxed meal.

If you are travelling with children then there is also a “Kids Zone” where young visitors can play.

13. Riverfront Park

Riverfront ParkSource: flickr
Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is one of the best-loved parks in the whole of the United States, and it sits on 100 acres of prime land which even includes its own island.

The park is filled with meadows and areas of wild woodland where you can roam and hike as much as you please and there are also cultural and historical attractions such as a clock tower that dates from 1902 as well as a Looff Carrousel from 1909. For younger visitors to the park there are a range of activities such as the Rotary Fountain where you can play in the summer months, or there is an iconic red wagon that can be explored.

If you want to do something a little more laid back, then there is a Spokane Falls SkyRide that will take you up into the sky and let you look down on this naturally beautiful area of Spokane.

14. Spokane Symphony

Spokane SymphonySource: tripadvisor
Spokane Symphony

For a chance to listen to some music in Spokane, look no further than the Spokane Symphony, an orchestra of professional musicians who play at the Martin Woldson Theater.

The symphony was first founded in 1945 under a different name, and has been going strong in this city ever since.

You will find regular concerts performed in Spokane by the Spokane Symphony, and there are also performances held around the city such as park concerts and holidays concerts in conjunction with the Spokane ballet company.

15. Green Bluff

Green BluffSource: greenbluffgrowers
Green Bluff

Green Bluff is the name given to a collection of farms in the Spokane area, which is itself a well known farming community in the United States.

If you want to get a glimpse and taste of some of the local produce found in these parts then a visit to one of the farms here is not to be missed and you can expect to find produce such as strawberries, apples, cherries, peaches, and apricots.

The farming association here dates from 1902, which gives you an idea of the history of farming here, and you can take a farm tour and see this amazing industry in action for yourself.

15 Best Things To Do In Spokane (WA):

  • ROW Adventure Center
  • Mobius Children’s Museum
  • Centennial Trail
  • Latah Creek Winery
  • Manito Park
  • Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture
  • Spokane Falls
  • The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist
  • Mount Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park
  • Downtown Spokane
  • John A. Finch Arboretum
  • Avista Stadium
  • Riverfront Park
  • Spokane Symphony
  • Green Bluff