15 Best Things to Do in Santa Clarita (CA)

The city of Santa Clarita is located approximately 35 miles away from Los Angeles, so with that in mind it is easy to make the trip out here if you are in the area.

Many visitors to California overlook this city, which is a great shame as there is a huge amount to see and do here.

The scenery in and around Santa Clarita is some of the most stunning in the region and for that reason many Western movies were filmed here in day gone by.

You can see some of the original filming locations here to this day, or you can simply go trekking in the area and imagine the time when cowboys would have still roamed over this region.

As well as hiking and biking opportunities, you will also find an amazing range of indoor activities such as museums, wineries, and cultural spots like musical attractions, and if you like art then you will be delighted with the public art installations all over the city.

For younger visitors, there are play areas and indoor centers to choose from, or many of the trails and parks here have a huge range of activities that children can also enjoy.

1. St. Francis Dam

St. Francis Dam

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St. Francis Dam

One of the greatest historical sites in Santa Clarita is the St. Francis Dam which dates from the 1920s and is best known for having burst in 1926. The dam caused hundreds of death as it razed several towns as its waters raged through the area unchecked, and now you can learn all about this history on a tour here.

Guides will take visitors out to the site of the dam, which is no longer in use and is mostly made up on ruins, and will fill you in on how it was built and why it failed.

The trek to the dam site is also an excellent opportunity to take in the local plant and wildlife.

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15 Best Things to Do in Santa Clarita (CA):

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