15 Best Things to Do in Saint-Malo (France)

5. Grand Aquarium Saint-Malo

Grand Aquarium Saint-Malo

A quick bus ride from the walled city will land you at Saint-Malo’s aquarium, a high-profile day out that is updated almost every new season.

For those holidaying with little guys it’s a rainy day attraction that also ties in neatly with the city’s seafaring history.

You can’t talk about the animals without mentioning the 360° shark aquarium, which was added in 2011 and holds 600,000 litres.

In another tank the wreck of a historic galleon is a home for white-tip and black -tip sharks.

Elsewhere the aquarium synthesises environments from around the world, so the mangrove has piranhas, four-eyed fish and turtles and the tropical tank has coral and colourful species like clownfish and surgeonfish.

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