15 Best Things to Do in Rimini (Italy)

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Rimini is possibly one of the most well-known and renowned beach resorts in the whole of Europe – this is due to its 15km long stretch of beautiful white sand beaches, plethora of hotels and myriad of bars and restaurants. Thousands of visitors flock here to soak up the sun, relax on the beaches and escape from busy modern life.

As the capital of the Province of Rimini, this city has a population of approximately 146,000 which makes it one of the largest in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. This region of Italy was once prominent in the Roman Empire and remains of the Roman city can still be seen today in Rimini. Originally founded in 268 BC, the city served as a vital communications outpost and its location on the Adriatic Sea made it an important stronghold. Throughout the Middle Ages, Rimini changed hands and came under the rule of the Ostrogoth’s. It was also highly important during the Italian 19th century revolution.

Aside from the fantastic beaches, Rimini also has a plethora of historical sites, beautiful parks, charming Piazzas and interesting museums. It is easy to see why this city is so popular and why tourism accounts for a large portion of Rimini’s economy.

Lets explore the best things to do in Rimini:

1. Arco d’Augusto

Arco D’AugustoSource: shutterstock
Arco D’Augusto

Taking pride of place at the end of Corso d’Augusto, the Arch of Augustus is a fantastic site and the main historical structure that stands in the centre of Rimini.

Constructed in 27 BC, the arch was built as part of the Flaminia defences that was destroyed in the 1930’s and was named in honour of Caesar Augustus.

Originally, an impressive statue of the Emperor stood on top of the gateway, but this was replaced by the later medieval addition of crenulations.

Today the arch stands in fantastic condition despite its immense age and the surrounding grounds are pleasant to walk through once you have admired this important Roman relic.

2. Rimini Beach

Rimini BeachSource: shutterstock
Rimini Beach

Rimini is famous for its long stretch of golden sands and this is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the sun and swim in the warm Adriatic Sea.

Starting at the Parco Federico Fellini, the beach stretches for miles and is lined with first-rate hotels, beach bars, restaurants and large areas of sand covered with sun loungers.

Consider kicking back in the sun, having a cocktail or two, taking a dip in the sea and maybe building a sand castle! The plethora of resorts and amenities will keep you and your family entertained for days and you will simply love the laid back coastal atmosphere and charm.

3. Tempio Malatestiano

Tempio MalatestianoSource: shutterstock
Tempio Malatestiano

Rimini has a plethora of religious buildings, but none as impressive or renowned as the Malatesta Temple.

This unfinished cathedral was constructed in the 9th century and was deemed to be completed in the 1400’s.

Sitting on Via IV Novembre, the cathedral looks almost finished, but it is clear that there should be a central tower on the front façade – instead there is a gap and an exposed brick wall.

Inside there is a plethora of decoration and religious artefacts including an ornate crucifix designed by Giotto and sculptures created by Agostino di Duccio.

Furthermore, there is also a host of marble and stucco artwork on the walls, columns and arches.

3. Museo della Citta

Museo Della CittaSource: wikipedia
Museo Della Citta

For those interested in archaeology and ancient history, the Museo della Citta is the perfect establishment to visit.

You can find this delightful museum in the confines of an old convent on the Via Luigi Tonini only a short walk from the Ponte di Tiberio and Piazza Tre Martiri.

Within this museum you can find a staggering 1500 artefacts and relics dating as far back as the prehistoric era up to the present day.

Particularly impressive exhibitions include a display of stunning Roman Mosaics, ancient coins and glassware, and even archaic surgical equipment.

There is also an enlightening display of Renaissance artwork and some renowned masterpieces from artists such as Bellini.

5. Italia in Miniatura

MiniaturaSource: Natalia Svistunova / Shutterstock.com

There is something inherently fascinating about miniature model displays and Italia in Miniatura is a truly epic attraction that displays some beautifully detailed models of famous structures in Italy.

Located approximately 15 minutes to the north east of Rimini, this attraction can be reached via the SS16 route and has dedicated parking.

Inside the grounds you will find over 200 miniature models including the Colosseum, the leaning tower of Pisa, and Florence Cathedral.

Each structure has a fantastic level of detail and has been recreated faithfully using scaled plans.

Aside from the models, there is also a monorail, a restaurant and an education centre for children.

6. Ponte di Tiberio

Ponte Di TiberioSource: shutterstock
Ponte Di Tiberio

Another fantastic relic of the Roman inhabitation of Rimini, the Ponte di Tiberio sits at the end of the canal that runs from the beach through to the Parco XXV Aprile.

If you walk from the Arch of Augustus towards the canal, you will eventually cross onto the beautiful Tiberio Bridge.

Constructed in 20 BC, it is an amazing feat that this bridge still stands in practically perfect condition despite being nearly 2000 years old.

Its 5 arches span the canal and during a calm day, the reflection of the bridge in the deep blue water creates a picture perfect scene.

7. Piazza Tre Martiri

Piazza Tre MartiriSource: Angela N Perryman / Shutterstock.com
Piazza Tre Martiri

As the heart of the city, the Piazza Tre Martiri has played host to some historic moments in the history of Rimini and stands as a popular location that is full of important buildings.

To the southern end of the square you can find the small but impressive Tempietto di Sant Antonio and the Chiesa Dei Paolotti, whilst at the other end is a series of fantastic shops and high-quality restaurants and cafes.

At certain times of the year, seasonal markets are also held here and sometimes even musical concerts.

The stunning design of the square, its magnificent architecture, and the variety of amenities located here make the Piazza a brilliant place to visit.

8. Riccione Beach

Riccione BeachSource: shutterstock
Riccione Beach

Whilst Rimini is known for its high quality beaches, a short trip down the coast will take you to a resort that is just as beautiful – Riccione.

This small coastal city has a wonderful expanse of golden beach that is packed full of amenities and is lined with a selection of high quality hotels.

Aside from the beach, Riccione is also known for its natural thermal springs and its spa retreats – come here to truly relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

9. Piazza Cavour

Piazza CavourSource: Nick_Nick / Shutterstock.com
Piazza Cavour

Located within the historic town centre of Rimini, the Piazza Cavour is a fantastic public area that features some wonderful architecture and often hosts local markets.

You can find this charming square approximately 5 minutes walk from the Piazza Tre Martiri and only a short walk from the Museo della Citta.

Notable buildings on the square include the town hall and the opulent Teatro Galli.

Furthermore, at the centre of the square is the Antica Pescheria which is an ancient columned walkway leading off to the Via Pescheria.

Moreover, there is also a range of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

10. Parco Giovanni Paolo II

Parco Giovanni Paolo IISource: wikipedia
Parco Giovanni Paolo II

Although Rimini is a world class coastal resort, it also has several stunning public parks and the most notable is the Parco Giovanni Paolo II. You can find this wonderful natural space in the southern regions of Rimini next to the Congressional Palace.

At the centre of the park is the large Lago Mariotti that is home to a wide variety of wildlife and fauna.

This park is perfect for those who love to walk and enjoy the outdoors, or for families who want an open space to relax and play sport.

Footpaths wind through the parkland and open pastures provide space to play games.

11. Castel Sismondo

Castel SismondoSource: shutterstock
Castel Sismondo

Created by Sigismondo Malatesta the Lord of Rimini in the 1400’s, Castel Sismondo was once a large complex with surrounding walls but all that stands today is the central keep.

This impressive structure stills holds an important place in the culture and history if Rimini and exhibitions and markets are often held within the castle grounds.

Everything about the castle is unusual; from its irregular design, to its amalgamation of various different styles.

It is possible to take guided tours of the castle and learn about its extensive history.

12. La Ruota Panoramica

La Ruota PanoramicaSource: Luca Lorenzelli / Shutterstock.com
La Ruota Panoramica

Sitting at the edge of the main stretch of beach in Rimini is a colossal Ferris wheel dubbed La Ruota Panoramica.

This gigantic wheel stands at 55m high, weighs approximately 360 tons and has 28 cabins that can hold 168 people at full capacity.

What better way to see the city and to relax than to take a ride on the Ruota Panoramica? The wheel moves slowly and a complete circule takes approximately 20 minutes.

13. Mirabilandia Theme Park

Mirabilandia Theme ParkSource: riccione
Mirabilandia Theme Park

If you are looking for a place to take the family for a day out then head to Mirabilandia Theme Park.

Located to the north west of Rimini next to Lago Standiana, this amazing park is full of fun rides and attractions for people of all ages and sizes.

This is one of the most popular theme parks in Italy and sees a huge amount of visitors on an annual basis.

Here you can ride on super-fast rollercoasters, get soaking wet on a log flume or even ride a large Ferris wheel.

Moreover there is also a series of thrill rides, and gentler rides for the younger audience, and also several action packed shows and eateries.

If you are tired of the beach, then head to Mirabilandia!

14. Play crazy golf on the Rivergreen Course

Rivergreen GolfSource: tripadvisor
Rivergreen Golf

For a unique activity, why not try your hand at a round or two of adventure golf? Rivergreen Golf is located (as you guessed) next to the canal and the beach of Rimini.

Covering 6000m, this delightful course is proud to be the first eco mini golf course in Italy and its ground is full of beautiful trees and water features.

Two courses await your golfing skills, both of which contain 18 challenging but fun holes.

This truly is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon and engage in some friendly competition with your friends or family.

15. Try seafood at the Guido Restaurant

Seafood At The Guido RestaurantSource: tripadvisor
Seafood At The Guido Restaurant

Due to its coastal location, Rimini has a host of pleasant sea facing restaurants that serve high quality sea food.

The Guido Restaurant is one such establishment and can be found on the main promenade in the Rivazurra district of the city.

As you try the delicious selection of food and wine, you can gaze out across at the Adriatic Sea and watch the world go by.

Each meal is freshly prepared using locally sourced ingredients and freshly caught fish/seafood.

Why not try some Calamari or Prawns? Or perhaps some traditional Spaghetti? In the evenings, Guido also has regular live entertainment for your enjoyment.

15 Best Things to Do in Rimini (Italy):

  • Arco d’Augusto
  • Rimini Beach
  • Tempio Malatestiano
  • Museo della Citta
  • Italia in Miniatura
  • Ponte di Tiberio
  • Piazza Tre Martiri
  • Riccione Beach
  • Piazza Cavour
  • Parco Giovanni Paolo II
  • Castel Sismondo
  • La Ruota Panoramica
  • Mirabilandia Theme Park
  • Play crazy golf on the Rivergreen Course
  • Try seafood at the Guido Restaurant