15 Best Things to Do in Pompano Beach (Florida)

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Pompano Beach claims to give you ‘Florida’s Warmest Welcome’ and many locals will tell you that this is one of the friendliest spots in the United States.

In recent years Pompano Beach has started to witness something of a second wind, and is experiencing a new surge in domestic tourists who are flocking to this picturesque corner of Florida.

It’s certainly not hard to see why they would come, as Pompano Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean, and has sun, sea, and sand for visitors to enjoy all year round.

Aside from its natural beauty, there are shopping venues, fine dining options, and fun attractions just outside of the city such as Butterfly World in neighboring Coconut Creek.

Lets explore the best things to do in Pompano Beach:

1. Greg Norman Signature Pines Course

Greg Norman Signature Pines CourseSource: pompanobeachfl.gov
Greg Norman Signature Pines Course

Redesigned in 2013, this golf course reopened with a fresh new look that has made it one of the premium attractions in Pompano Beach.

The course is open to visitors and locals alike and is a great place to get in a few rounds of golf, or just to take a lesson and try your hand if this is your first time on the green.

There is an on-site restaurant here if you fancy a bite to eat as you take in the rolling views, as well as a pro shop and a learning center where helpful tutors will fill you in on how to improve your game.

2. The Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park

CasinoSource: sunny.org

For those who are feeling lucky in Pompano Beach, the Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park is the place to come to see if you can win big.

The casino has 1,500 slots for visitors to enjoy as well as 38 poker tables.

If you prefer dining to gaming then there are six restaurants on site as well as a range of live entertainment options from musical concerts to cabaret style shows.

Also located on the property in the ‘park’ side of the casino is a racing track where you can bet on and watch greyhound races.

3. Hillsboro Antique Mall and Cafe

Hillsboro Antique MallSource: hillsboroantiquemall
Hillsboro Antique Mall

You may not immediately think of antiques when you think of Pompano Beach but if you make the trip to Hillsboro Antique Mall and Cafe then you will realize that you were wrong.

Here you will find over 250 antiques dealers in one place and you can stroll around at your leisure and hunt for some bargains in the myriad stores.

Items range from art-deco pieces, to experimental artwork, to heritage and vintage pieces from the Florida region and further afield.

The area is also dotted with cafes if you need a break from antique hunting.

4. Curtain Call Playhouse

Curtain Call PlayhouseSource: curtaincallplayhouse
Curtain Call Playhouse

The Curtain Call Playhouse is on a mission to educate locals and visitors alike on the arts in the Florida region and has been in operation for almost twenty years.

To that end, the company features talented performers from around the region who tour regularly so that those across the region can enjoy their theatrical work.

Check the local listings to see where they will be playing next if you want to catch a show.

The company puts on an eclectic range of productions including dramatic pieces, musical theater, and children’s productions.

5. Pompano Beach Amphitheater

Pompano Beach AmphitheaterSource: youtube
Pompano Beach Amphitheater

Pompano Beach Amphitheater is an open air concert arena located in Pompano Beach and hosts a huge range of concerts and other performances throughout the year.

The impressive venue can seat up to 3,000 spectators at one time and big name performers from around the United States regularly play here.

Make sure to check the local listings to see who is in town when you visit and take in a concert under the stars in the balmy Florida weather.

6. Butterfly World

Butterfly World, Coconut CreekSource: flickr
Butterfly World, Coconut Creek

Located just outside of Pompano Beach in neighboring Coconut Creek, Butterfly World has several claims to fame.

Not only is it the largest butterfly park in the world, but it was also the first of its kind when it first opened back in the 1980s.

For that reason this is not to be missed if you are in the region, especially as there are over 5,000 butterflies here.

Butterfly World is set in a lush park and aviary area that features picturesque waterfall features and also has other resident flora and fauna such as birds and a vast array of insects.

7. Festival Flea Market Mall

Festival Flea Market MallSource: webpin
Festival Flea Market Mall

Festival Flea Market Mall is actually an outdoor shopping mall area that is modeled around a ‘Main Street USA’ setup to make you feel like you are in a quaint town in Middle America.

The shopping area has over 500 different vendors and as such there is little that you won’t find there if you look hard enough.

Eclectic items include boutique shops, antiques, jewelry stores, high end retailers, and even fruit and vegetables shops, all in the same space!

8. Ely Educational Museum

  • Appears to be closed

The Ely Educational Museum is known for being the first black history museum in the Pompano Beach area and is housed in the previous home of Blanche Ely, after whom the museum is named.

Ely was famous in the area for being a teacher and civic activist in the African-American community in Pompano Beach, and the museum offers a fascinating look at this period of history.

Visitors here can tour the home and see period objects, photographs, and other memorabilia that is displayed much as it would have been when Ely lived in the residence.

9. Pompano Citi Centre

Pompano Citi CentreSource: sunny.org
Pompano Citi Centre

Pompano Citi Centre is another open air shopping mall in the Pompano Beach area and is the place to come for more upscale shopping that includes Macy’s and Sears.

At the center of the mall you will find a variety of boutiques as well as a range of restaurants and cafes so this is a place where you can browse to your heart’s content.

10. Pompano Beach Airpark

Pompano Beach AirparkSource: flickr
Pompano Beach Airpark

Pompano Beach Airpark first opened during the Second World War and is still very much in operation today, with several runways and aviation aircraft in situ.

The airpark is most famous however as the home of the Goodyear blimp, named The Spirit of Innovation, and if you come here you can see the blimp in all its glory.

Unfortunately the public are not allowed to ride on the blimp, but it is still an impressive sight to see this helium filled airship rise in the sky.

11. Pompano Beach

Pompano BeachSource: flickr
Pompano Beach

The actual beach after which Pompano Beach is named curves around the Atlantic Ocean and is the place to come if you like water sports.

The beach is made up of a strip of white sand that is perfect for sunbathing, but if you want to get active then you won’t be disappointed.

Surfing is allowed here in designated areas or if you prefer something less taxing then you can also go boogie boarding.

Swimming is also a popular pastime on the beach, or you can try your hand at stand up paddle boarding if the mood takes you.

There is also a picturesque pier and boating is also common in the area, with fishing tours and scenic boat trips available for those who want to get out on the water.

12. Fern Forest Nature Park

Fern Forest Nature ParkSource: ouroutdoorstories
Fern Forest Nature Park

In nearby Broward County, this park is named due to its rich foliage of ferns, over 30 different kinds to be exact.

Spread out across 247 acres of land which has now been declared an ‘Urban Wilderness Area’, you can spend an afternoon ambling across areas of pine lands, swamp, and fields, as well as enjoying the hammocks that are dotted around the park for your pleasure.

As well as the ferns here you can explore a huge range of other local flora and fauna and the park makes up part of the larger Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail.

13. Pompano Community Park

Pompano Community ParkSource: yelp
Pompano Community Park

If you come to Pompano Community Park you won’t be disappointed as there is a huge array of attractions here for everyone to enjoy.

For younger visitors you can expect to find playgrounds and sports areas, or there are picnic spots for the whole family to enjoy.

Trails skirt around the park and you can take in the lush Florida landscape by either walking or jogging.

There is an Aquatic Center located in the park as well as the tennis courts and outdoor gym areas where you can work out as you enjoy the view.

14. The Great Lawn

The Great LawnSource: homeaway
The Great Lawn

Located on the intersection between East Atlantic Boulevard and North Pompano Beach Boulevard, The Great Lawn is an open air concert and event venue that features a range of outdoor performances all year round.

You will need to check the local listings to see what is on when you are in town but these can include musical performances, food and wine events, and festivals.

Whatever the time of year there is usually something scheduled here with special events blocked around major holidays.

In the summer months, Music Under The Stars is one such event that runs all season and sees a host of musicians take to the stage here.

15. Art Connection

Art ConnectionSource: artconnection
Art Connection

If you are looking for some Pompano Beach souvenirs then head to Art Connection, a gallery that has been in operation for almost thirty years.

Here you will find art work from regional and national artists, which include but are not limited to paintings and drawings.

The gallery also sells sculptures, photographs, and hand blown glass pieces, as well as interior furnishings.

With that in mind, if you want to take a piece of Pompano Beach home with you then this is a great place to pick up a few pieces.

15 Best Things to Do in Pompano Beach (Florida):

  • Greg Norman Signature Pines Course
  • The Isle Casino Racing Pompano Park
  • Hillsboro Antique Mall and Cafe
  • Curtain Call Playhouse
  • Pompano Beach Amphitheater
  • Butterfly World
  • Festival Flea Market Mall
  • Ely Educational Museum
  • Pompano Citi Centre
  • Pompano Beach Airpark
  • Pompano Beach
  • Fern Forest Nature Park
  • Pompano Community Park
  • The Great Lawn
  • Art Connection