15 Best Things to Do in Nijmegen (the Netherlands)

Nijmegen, also historically known as Nimeguen is a city in the south east of the Netherlands in the Gelderland province.

Located on the Waal river, this municipality is close to the border of Germany and the towns of Kleve, Goch and Emmerich.

Considered to be the oldest city in the Netherlands, Nijmegen celebrated 2000 years of existence in 2005 and has seen some form of civilisation since the Roman period.

First mentioned in the 1st century BC, it was originally a military camp for the Romans and then developed into a city with many different influences from the Frankish Kingdom, to the Holy Roman Emperor’s.

Steeped in ancient history, full of wonderful museums, marvellous architecture and beautiful natural land, Nijmegen is a true gem in on the borders of the Netherlands.

1. Grote Markt

Grote Markt

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Grote Markt

Continuing the tradition of European market squares, the Grote Markt in Nijmegen sits in the centre of the town not far from the river Waal.

As a central point in the city the Grote Markt offers the perfect location to explore Nijmegen from and also enjoy the local atmosphere.

On this square you will find the impressive Stevenskerk, together with a host of local restaurants and cafes, and shops.

The architecture creates a historical atmosphere, and the cafes and outdoor seating provide a place to relax and watch the world go by.

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15 Best Things to Do in Nijmegen (the Netherlands):