15 Best Things to Do in Moreno Valley (CA)

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Moreno Valley is what is known as a ‘young city’, as it did not really start to develop until the 1980s. The city is now the second largest in Riverside County in which it sits, and many of the best activities to do here are informed by the surrounding countryside. Moreno Valley is blessed with gorgeous outdoor attractions in this part of California such as stunning lakes and mountains, so if you like hiking or biking then you are definitely in for a treat.

As well as rugged terrain covered in wild flowers and filled with a range of amazing indigenous wildlife, you can also experience green spaces closer to the center of town, in the form of parks and recreational areas. If you prefer the city to the great outdoors, then Moreno Valley also won’t disappoint, and you will find arcades, shopping options, dining facilities, and museums in town. Adrenalin junkies are also well catered for here, and you can even go racing or skydiving in Moreno Valley, meaning that this is one place definitely not to miss if you are in California.

Lets explore the best things to do in Moreno Valley:

1. Round 1 Entertainment

Round 1 EntertainmentSource: pinballnews
Round 1 Entertainment

A great rainy day venue if you are in Moreno Valley, Round 1 Entertainment has everything you need to keep you entertained.

The choices here are almost endless, and you can enjoy activities such as bowling, ping pong, and darts.

As well as games like billiards, you can also indulge in a spot of karaoke, or there are old fashioned arcade games that can be enjoyed by all the family.

As well as a day of entertainment, there are also food and drink options available on site.

2. Western Science Center

Western Science CenterSource: tripadvisor
Western Science Center

The Western Science Center is dedicated to all things science related in the Moreno Valley area, and you will find a variety of amazing artifacts here like fossils.

Many of the exhibits here were found in the surrounding area like Diamond Valley Lake, and there is also a mastodon here named ‘Max’ as well as a Colombian mammoth called ‘Xena’. Many of the attractions at the Western Science Center are interactive such as a dig site where you can try and find ‘Little Stevie’, another large mastodon, and the facility actually houses almost 1,000,000 different specimens.

You will even find collections related to wolves and saber toothed cats here, so this is a great place to come to learn more about the environment in and around Moreno Valley.

3. Lake Perris

Lake PerrisSource: flickr
Lake Perris

Lake Perris may well be the jewel in the crown of the Moreno Valley area and much of its beauty comes from the fact that it is still in a wild and rugged state.

As well as the actual lake itself, you will also find a huge range of indigenous flora and fauns here such as quail, jack rabbits, and coyotes, and if you love bird watching then you need to have your binoculars at the ready to catch all the different species that roam around the lake area.

Wild flowers still grow all over the area and you can go hiking around the lake to take these in firsthand.

5. Brunswick Bowl

Brunswick BowlSource: brunswickbowling
Brunswick Bowl

If you are looking for a good time in Moreno Valley, then look no further than Brunswick Bowl.

At this bowling alley you can play a few games with family and friends, or join a league and practice for a big tournament.

As well as the actual bowling facility you can also play arcade games here, including old fashioned classics and more modern interactive machines, or there are billiard tables to enjoy as well.

6. March Field Air Museum

March Field Air MuseumSource: marchfield
March Field Air Museum

The March Field Air Museum is dedicated to educating visitors on the importance of flight.

To that end, you will be taken on a journey from the past until the present, and there are a huge range of exhibits that will help to do just that.

The facility is operated by docents who are experts in their field and there are more than 70 different aircraft on display here.

Just some of the highlights include the SR-71 Blackbird as well as military aircraft and unmanned aircraft.

Budding pilots will love the interactive galleries, and this is a great rainy day activity in Moreno Valley.

7. Perris Auto Speedway

Perris Auto SpeedwaySource: perrisautospeedway
Perris Auto Speedway

Perris Auto Speedway bills itself as one of the premium racing tracks in the United States, and you can either come here and race yourself or just stick to being a spectator.

If you want to get out on the track yourself, then you can book a session accordingly, or you can come here and take in a race by the professionals, and there are a huge range of these to choose from, including special holiday races and events.

8. Diamond Valley Lake

Diamond Valley LakeSource: flickr
Diamond Valley Lake

Diamond Valley Lake offers gorgeous vistas in the Moreno Valley area, and is covered with a series of trails that allow you to experience this for yourself.

The trails can all be hiked or biked along and some of these will take you into the surrounding hills, while others skirt around the shores of the lake.

As well as the actual lake itself, you will also find an east dam area which has a range of amenities such as a swimming pool and ball fields.

9. Skydive Perris

Skydive PerrisSource: skydiveperris
Skydive Perris

When you think of Moreno Valley, you may not immediately think of skydiving here, although now you can if you make your way to Skydive Perris.

If you want to see the earth from a completely different perspective, then you can learn to skydive here, and go up in the air with one of the experienced instructors and take a dive.

If you prefer something a little easier the first time around, then there is also an indoor dive facility here where you can use a simulator that pumps jets of air that will make you feel as if you are flying.

Either way, whatever you choose, you will be guaranteed an adrenalin packed afternoon.

10. Orange Empire Railway Museum

Orange Empire Railway MuseumSource: flickr
Orange Empire Railway Museum

The Orange Empire Railway Museum is home to the largest collection of locomotives in the entire west of the United States, so if you are a train enthusiast or just want to learn more about the collection here then don’t miss the chance to check out this attraction.

The pieces here date from as far back as the 1870s and you can expect to find streetcars, electric cars, freight cars, and passenger trains all under one roof.

There are over 200 pieces here that you can view in one place, including diesel, steam, and electric locomotives that will take you on a journey from the past right up until the present.

11. Moreno Valley Veterans Memorial

Moreno Valley Veterans MemorialSource: hamptoninn3
Moreno Valley Veterans Memorial

The Moreno Valley Veterans Memorial dates from 2007 and is known in the area for its signature star-shaped design.

The memorial also features large granite pillars onto which the names of servicemen who were killed in battle have been carved.

In the middle of the monument sits a statue in the shape of a cross that is made of bronze and dedicated to the ‘Fallen Soldier’. Next to the memorial are graceful olive trees as well as a rose garden that is perfect for a relaxing afternoon stroll in the late afternoon.

12. Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum Lake Perris

Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum Lake PerrisSource: flickr
Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum Lake Perris

Ya’i Heki’ is actually a Native American word in Cahuilla language which can be translated as ‘Home of the Wind’, and this museum is dedicated to the history of the indigenous inhabitants of this area.

When you tour the museum, you can learn about the history of the regional Indians in this part of the world, as well as see galleries dedicated to Native American arts and crafts.

There are talks and demonstrations available with the docents who work here, and you can learn all about the cultural and historical importance of Native American tribes in the Moreno Valley area.

13. Moreno Valley Mall

Moreno Valley MallSource: flickr
Moreno Valley Mall

Moreno Valley Mall is one of the premium shopping spaces in Moreno Valley and is split over two levels of shopping and dining options.

Here you will find a theater that has 16 different screens as well as resident department stores and smaller niche shops.

There are a wealth of dining options here including a food court, and the entire mall spans 87 acres, so whatever you are looking for you will doubtless find it here.

14. Lasselle Sports Park

Lasselle Sports ParkSource: flickr
Lasselle Sports Park

Lasselle Sports Park covers over 12 acres of land and has everything you could want if you like sports and want to do something active while you are in Moreno Valley.

To that end, the park has football and soccer fields as well as track areas and picnic facilities.

If you are traveling with younger visitors, then there are a range of playgrounds here that have equipment for children from as young as two years old.

15. Box Springs Mountain

Box Springs MountainSource: flickr
Box Springs Mountain

Box Springs Mountain lies to the northwest of Moreno Valley and is loved by locals for its gorgeous natural scenery.

The mountain has a vast array of wildlife and if you come here you can see a wide variety of species such as mountain, deer, and burros, and there are also signature eucalyptus trees that dot the desert landscape.

There are trails that run all over the mountain so that you can hike in the area and take in the vistas that look back over Moreno Valley and you can also ride or bike in the area as well.

15 Best Things to Do in Moreno Valley (CA):

  • Round 1 Entertainment
  • Western Science Center
  • Lake Perris
  • Brunswick Bowl
  • March Field Air Museum
  • Perris Auto Speedway
  • Diamond Valley Lake
  • Skydive Perris
  • Orange Empire Railway Museum
  • Moreno Valley Veterans Memorial
  • Ya’i Heki’ Regional Indian Museum Lake Perris
  • Moreno Valley Mall
  • Lasselle Sports Park
  • Box Springs Mountain