15 Best Things to Do in Macon (GA)

2. Ocmulgee Indian Mounds

Ocmulgee Indian Mounds

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Ocmulgee Indian Mounds

On the eastern side of the city is a site that has evidence of continuous settlement stretching back 17,000 years. Needless to say it’s a significant place to Native Americans, not least because of the ceremonial mounds that were built by the Mississippians around a millennium ago. These pyramid-shaped structures demonstrate high levels of technical skill, especially the Great Temple Mound, which stands 17 metres in height and can be scaled via a stairway. You can even the enter the Earth Lodge, with a fireplace and where 47 seats were moulded for the culture’s high priests. To round off the experience the visitor centre features the artefacts recovered from Ocmulgee.

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