15 Best Things to Do in Lubbock (TX)

The charming city of Lubbock is now home to almost 300,000 people, but back in the day this area was a sleeping town known for its farming industry. The production of cotton in particular was one reason why this town boomed, and even today this is still a major industry in the area.

The town may have started life in an unassuming way, but now it is home to the powerhouse Texas Tech University. Another reason that Lubbock is now firmly on the map is due to some of its alumni, as musical talent Buddy Holly once called this city home.

Nowadays you will find dining, shopping, and cultural events galore in this city, coupled with a friendly small-town feel that has made Lubbock such a popular place to visit over the years. As Lubbock sits in the state of Texas, you can also expect a range of fantastic outdoor pursuits that provide a nod to this city’s agricultural heritage.

Lets explore the best things to do in Lubbock:

1. The National Ranching Heritage Center

The National Ranching Heritage Center

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The National Ranching Heritage Center

The National Ranching Heritage Center, or the NRHC, spans an impressive 16 acres and has an amazing 48 buildings on it, some of which date back to the 18th century. The NRHC has been lovingly preserved and can be visited throughout the year, when guests here can take a tour of the center and learn how life would have been in days gone by for the ranchers who lived and worked here. There are also events held throughout the year, including during holiday season such as Candlelight at the Ranch in December, so make sure you check what’s on when you are in town.

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15 Best Things to Do in Lubbock (TX):

The National Ranching Heritage Center