15 Best Things to Do in Little Rock (AR)

Little Rock is the capital of the state of Arkansas and as such also the most populous place in the state, so with that in mind you will find a huge amount going on here at any given time.

As this city is the home of the State Capitol, you can expect to find a huge range if historical landmarks and places of cultural significance, many of which are linked to the Clinton family, including a replica of the Oval Office.

There are also a wealth of museums here which are dedicated to diverse topics from anything from military history to the story of the evolution of the purse.

When it comes to natural attractions, you won’t be disappointed in Little Rock, where you will find the beautiful Riverfront Park that stretches along the majestic Arkansas River.

There are also an array of other beauty spots like parks, zoos, and gardens here, and if you want to do something a little different, then you can even go for a ride on a period replica of an electric streetcar.

Lets explore the best things to do in Little Rock:

1. Arkansas State Capitol

Arkansas State Capitol

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Arkansas State Capitol

Anyone coming to Little Rock should not miss the chance to come to the center of the action, the Arkansas State Capitol building, which is also the home of the Arkansas government.

The building in itself is a historical gem as it was built in 1899 and used to house a state prison.

It is now furnished with marble and ornate limestone and has a signature 24 carat gold leaf cupola which sits at the top, meaning that it can be seen from far away.

The building houses a range of important monuments such as a model of the Liberty Bell, and a memorial to the Little Rock Nine Civil Rights.

There is also a monument to the Confederate War Prisoners, and there are guided tours of the building available with a staff member who will explain the significance of all of these historical gems.

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15 Best Things to Do in Little Rock (AR):

Arkansas State Capitol