15 Best Things to Do in Guadeloupe

2. Seek out the wildlife of the Guadeloupe National Park

Guadeloupe National Park

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Guadeloupe National Park

Deep in the mountainous heart of Basse-Terre, the Guadeloupe National Park ranges from mist-topped primeval rainforest to endless swathes of mangrove that line the coast.

It’s hailed as one of the most biodiverse areas in the entire Caribbean, with oodles of interesting and rare mammals hiding between its verdant groves of seagrape and jatoba woods.

Take the curious presence of the mongoose (a non-indigenous arrival from India, believe it or not!), or the unusual agouti rodent that scuttles through the undergrowth.

There are also sea turtles in the ocean here, while plans are afoot to rejuvenate the manatee population too!

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