15 Best Things to Do in Fort de France (Martinique)

Martinique’s capital is an enticing clash of the French and Caribbean.

On the fun and amiable streets of this port city are landmarks like the wonderful Bibliothèque Schœlcher, an art nouveau masterpiece built in Paris and shipped in pieces to Martinique.

Be tempted by the Creole markets with tropical flavours and fragrances, and find out all you need to know about white rum at a historic distillery.

Then venture out into the island and uncover vast canyons shrouded by tropical vegetation, banana and sugar cane plantations, bounteous botanical gardens and the type of beaches you thought only existed in the movies.

Lets explore the best things to do in Fort-de-France:

1. Jardin de Balata

Jardin de Balata

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Jardin de Balata

For two decades from 1982, the horticulturalist Jean-Philippe Thoze curated an incomparable variety of rare tropical plants, including 300 different palm varieties.

They were planted on former farmland with the awesome Carbet Mountains close by.

You’ll be enchanted by the sudden splashes of vivid colour of flowers like hibiscus, begonias, exotic lilies, ginger flowers and heliconias, all jumping out against the garden’s lush greenery.

Birdlife such as hummingbirds are as pleased with the gardens as you and me, and only add to the colour and atmosphere.

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15 Best Things to Do in Fort de France (Martinique):

Bibliothèque Schœlcher