15 Best Things to Do in Delaware

The first state to ratify the constitution back in 1787 was Delaware. With only 1,900 square miles of real estate, it still manages to pack quite a bit of action in. Nicknamed the Diamond state when Thomas Jefferson described it as a jewel due to its location, Delaware is filled with moments you’ll treasure. It has history, beaches, family fun, amazing craft beers, and all the Mid-Atlantic coastal charm you could want.

Lets explore the best things to do in Delaware:

1. Hagley Museum and Library

Hagley Museum and Library

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Hagley Museum and Library

Take a guided tour through Delaware’s Eleutherian Mills, the original du Pont family home.

The Hagley Museum and Library comprises the original gunpowder mills, the estate itself, and its extensive gardens.

Built in the early 19th century, it’s a wonderful example of cultural taste at that time.

The library itself focuses on innovative American business and technology.

In the mill itself you’ll illustrations of exactly how gunpowder was made.

As a bonus, the barn has a wonderful collection of antique cars.

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15 Best Things to Do in Delaware:

The Air Mobility Command Museum