15 Best Things to Do in Corpus Christi (Texas)

3. Discover the Gulf’s biodiversity at the Texas State Aquarium

Texas State Aquarium

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Texas State Aquarium

The Texas State Aquarium comes packed with marine life and underwater animals that reflect the sheer biodiversity of the Gulf of Mexico.

The not-for-profit institution itself boasts pride-of-place on the harborside of Corpus Christi, sat in the shadow of the great Harbor Bridge and complete with a whopping six hectares of exhibition space.

Highlights of a tour through the TSA include the colossal tanks of Dolphin Bay, home to two elegant Atlantic bottlenoses, the disconcerting Floating Phantoms show, with jellyfish and stingers plucked from the waters of the Mexican Gulf, and Stingray Lagoon, where visitors are invited to touch the pods of rays as they weave below the waters.

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