15 Best Things to Do in Béziers (France)

On a rocky crag beside the River Orb, Béziers is an understated city a few kilometres in from the Mediterranean and its long sandy beaches. These old stone streets are rarely swamped with tourists, but for five days in mid-August the Féria de Béziers brings a program of bullfights, and aficionados pour into the city.

Sightseers should begin with the Orb, which is crossed by a quaintly irregular medieval bridge far below the cathedral. And conversely, the boundless views across the river plain from this church are a real spectacle. The Orb, Canal du Midi and the Haut Languedoc Regional Park all promise outdoor escapades, and winery tours will also be on the menu in the world’s largest wine region.

Lets explore the best things to do in Béziers:

1. Béziers Cathedral

Béziers Cathedral

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Béziers Cathedral

High on a crag above the River Orb, the city’s cathedral had the same fate as the rest of the city in the middle ages.

The predecessor was burned down in 1209, and the current building was erected in the Middle Gothic style later that century.

Before you enter take a moment to find the gargoyles that adorn the cathedral’s exterior walls and to admire the imposing outline of the building, clearly designed to assert the might of the Catholic church.

Inside there are a few columns and capitals from the original Romanesque cathedral, as well as friezes from that time and frescos from the 14th and 15th century that had been covered with whitewash after the Wars of Religion in the late-16th century.

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15 Best Things to Do in Béziers (France):

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