15 Best Things to Do in Beaune (France)

In the capital of Burgundy’s region you better believe you can immerse yourself in wine.

Well, not literally: But all around this pretty country town are names that ring out in the wine world, like Santenay and Pommard, so you can go off and taste grands crus and tour illustrious vineyards for days on end.

In Burgundy the food is also superb so you’re going to have a pretty indulgent holiday, and can work it off with easy walks or bike rides in the celebrated Côte by the vines.

Lets exlore the best things to do in Beaune:

1. Old Beaune

Porte Saint-Nicolas

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Porte Saint-Nicolas

Beaune’s ramparts circle the town for 2.5 kilometres, with towers and bastions best seen at the Château de Beaune . While it isn’t possible to see every stone of the walls, because they are often adapted to private homes and shops, you can pass an agreeable hour or two tracking their route.

The last remaining gate is Porte Saint-Nicolas at the old northern entrance of the town.

The most refined bit is on Rue de Rempart des Lions, where a 17th-century balustrade and stairway lead up to a beautiful arboretum with an osage orange tree and Chinese ginkgo biloba.

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15 Best Things to Do in Beaune (France):

Château de Savigny