15 Best Things to Do in Bastia (France)

Here’s a fact to give you a sense of Bastia’s Italian legacy: There are more Baroque churches in this city than any other on Corsica.

The Genoese, aided by the medieval Maona investors, were in charge for hundreds of years, and the city is flush with exciting clues from their stay.

The citadel is still guarded by bastions and protects the Palace of the Governors, where the truth about Bastia’s past is revealed.

Dawdle around the old port, which has a likeable, timeworn quality, have a lively conversation over dinner or lunch on an Italianate square, and be bowled over by the baroque and rococo richness of those many churches and chapels.

Lets explore the best things to do in Bastia:

1. Old Port

Old Port

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Old Port

Saunter along the quays of the U-shaped harbour, where the houses are densely clustered on the city’s slopes.

These buildings are painted pale shades of ochre, and pushing above all of them are the twin cupolas of the baroque Church of St.

John the Baptist.

At the foot of almost every building is a restaurant or cafe where you can take a seat outside and gaze over the forest of masts in the water, imagining the Genoese fleet anchored in these waters.

In the other direction you can walk along the piers for photos of the quayside houses and get a closer look at the old lighthouses that guard the entrance.

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15 Best Things to Do in Bastia (France):

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