15 Best Things to Do in Amersfoort (the Netherlands)

Amersfoort is a beautiful city in the Utrecht province of the Netherlands. Located in central Holland, Amersfoort lies in-between Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem. As a municipality, the city has seen much development in recent decades and has a current population of around 151,000. With a history dating back to the Mesolithic period, Amersfoort has seen some form of settlement from 1000 BC, but was not granted city rights until 1259. During this period, the city defences were constructed around the canal network, the most famous of which is the Koppelpoort fortification.

The old town centre of Amersfoort has been greatly preserved since the middle ages and the city features a range of fantastic historical buildings. Due to its sheer beauty and the aforementioned architecture, Amersfoort is a popular tourist destination.

Lets explore the best things to do in Amersfoort:

1. Koppelpoort


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Perhaps the finest example of a combined water and road gate in the Netherlands, the Koppelpoort is a beautiful structure.

Created in the 1300’s, the gate was part of the outer city wall but wasn’t completed until 1427. With a central structure that spans the canal and a large archway that small boats could pass through, the Koppelpoort is quite impressive and was rightly never breached.

Two towers stand guard over the road that leads into Amersfoort and are connected to the main structure.

Admire the wonderful brick design and the various emblems and icons of this stunning structure.

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15 Best Things to Do in Amersfoort (the Netherlands):