15 Best Swimming Holes in Texas

2. Jacobs Well, Wimberley, TX

Jacobs Well, Wimberley

Source: flickr

Jacobs Well, Wimberley

Jacobs Wells is the entrance to the longest underwater cave system in Texas.

The hole itself is small, just 12 feet across, but has been carefully crafted by nature to create a deep enough (35 feet) splash point for those daring to take a high leap from the rocks above.

The water is clear and perfectly displays your target landing zone.

If you’re more of a spectator of this daredevil behaviour, then the shallows and the shade from the surrounding trees will keep you cool.

The cave does attract divers who like to explore the cave beyond the entrance but only those experienced and with the right gear and training should even consider what lies beyond.

Due to the size and popularity of Jacobs Well, please ensure that you book in advance to make sure you can visit.

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