15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Wisconsin

3. New Glarus, Wisconsin

New Glarus Brewery

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New Glarus Brewery

This hidden gem is in Southwest Wisconsin. It feels like you’ve traveled back to the 13th century when you visit New Glarus, a charming village that retains the Swiss culture brought there by the first settlers who named it after the canton of Glarus in Switzerland. Fiercely proud of their heritage, New Glarus started performing German and English plays that commemorate their history and help preserve their German language heritage, and have preserved many Swiss German customs apart from the language, like yodeling and flag tossing.

Come visit the best known Swiss settlement in the US and feel like you’ve left the country! Famous for its small breweries, we recommend having a pint at New Glarus Brewing Company. Attend any one of their fun festivals, such as Winterfest, Swiss Volksfest, or Oktoberfest, and enjoy some of the many diverse and delicious food options like roschti, a potato and meat dish, or a kalberwurst, a delicious Swiss sausage. Enjoy this little pocket of Swiss heaven hidden in plain sight in Wisconsin.

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