15 Best Small Towns to Visit in North Carolina

2. Bath, North Carolina

Bath, North Carolina

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Bath, North Carolina

The oldest town in North Carolina and founded in 1705, Bath was strategically positioned at the mouth of the Pamlico River. Both rich in history and quintessentially an American town; the first settlers were French Huguenots who crossed the Atlantic in search of religious freedom. As an interesting historical anecdote, the infamous pirate Blackbeard stayed in Bath briefly following his royal pardon and before returning to his pirating ways.

The actual town itself has altered very little over the years and continues to draw those interested in heritage tourism. Wander downtown and tour the old town and historic buildings such as Bonner House and St. Thomas’ Church. While there is plenty for history buffs, Bath is also ideal for outdoors activities such as swimming and fishing because of its nearness to Pamlico Sound. Venture out to wakeboard or waterski along the river, visit Goose Creek State Park, or rent a canoe and explore the marshes and swamps. Whether you brush up on history or your physical fitness, this town has something for everyone.

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