15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Idaho

Idaho is a state where there’s adventures to be had no matter the season. Winter has snowboarders, skiers, and snowmobilers flocking in from across the country while summer brings in tourists in search of lakeside escapes. With countless mountain peaks, lakes, and natural reserves, this state is the perfect destination for those who could use the great outdoors.

While many other small towns in America resort to gimmicks to lure tourists in, Idaho simply relies on its hospitality and natural beauty. Most small towns are simple, letting the backdrop of snowcapped mountains and sky-high trees set the scene. The state was founded by pioneers in search of a better life – who often settled as miners or homesteaders. Though this was decades ago, the resourcefulness and welcoming atmosphere has yet to die down.

Locals are happy to give outdoor advice and point any visitor searching for serenity in the right direction. The best way to explore Idaho is via a road trip with a car packed to the brim with sporting equipment. You’ll want to take advantage of the state’s attractions as much as you can.

Here are the fifteen best small towns to Visit in Idaho:

1. Stanley


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With less than a hundred residents, Stanley is one of Idaho’s smallest yet most beautiful towns.

Stanley is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and a must-visit small town for adventurers.

You can sleep at a cozy hotel or camp in the wilderness and use Stanley as a base to hike, climb, river raft, horseback ride, soak in hot springs, mountain bike, and explore the surrounding forests.

Because of its friendly community, many people who visit never want to leave.

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15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Idaho: