15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Delaware

Back in 1787, Delaware was created as the first official state in the modern United States. Today, it’s one of the smallest in both size and population. Small towns are everywhere, most with well-preserved historic buildings, parks, and natural features. Interestingly, nearly small town that you visit will have played a major role in American history. And while many seem similar on the surface, each small town has a distinct personality that you can only get to know by visiting in person.

Travelers love Delaware because of its historic sites and museums, incredible landmarks, friendly communities, and tranquil living. On the coast, expect colorful houses, boating activities, clean beaches, and good weather. Some beach towns are lively while others are solely relaxing. Inland, you’ll easily find wildlife retreats, garden trails, and old mansions. Odes to ancient Native American culture also abound.

If you love to shop, Delaware is the perfect place to visit because there is no sales tax. Many boutiques, artists, and luxury stores have taken advantage of this fact so the quality of shopping centers is top notch in this little state. If you’re doing a trip around the entire east coast of the United States, save that empty suitcase for when you get to Delaware.

Here are the 15 best small towns to visit in Delaware:

1. Clayton

From 1850 to 1950, Clayton was primarily a railroad town that was once known for transporting peaches and part of Delaware’s first railroad. Visitors can get a taste of this history by visiting the Red Brick Monument at Clayton Station.

Culturally, Clayton has a lot going on despite its small size. Watch live performances at the Smyrna Opera House, the Schwartz Center for the Arts, or child-specific plays at the Children’s Theatre of Dover and Kent County. You can use Clayton as a base to visit the nearby Civil War Fort and learn more about the era from the Union’s perspective.

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15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Delaware: