15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Arkansas

6. Van Buren, Arkansas

Van Buren, Arkansas

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Van Buren, Arkansas

Van Buren is located in Crawford County. A lumber community that grew once Arkansas was incorporated as a territory, the town was named after Secretary of State Martin Van Buren. During the Civil War, Union and Confederate forces clashed here, resulting in the defeat of the Confederate forces. Van Buren continues to retain that historical essence that charms visitors to this day.

Visit the oldest courthouse still used west of the Mississippi River, or the King Opera House, a Victorian performance hall that still stands in the historic downtown area. Van Buren has also preserved the Old Frisco Station, an original railroad station. The town offers a quaint, small-town feel – they open Main Street for a Fall Festival. You can stay at the local Travelers Inn and enjoy the low-key environment Van Buren offers.

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