15 Best Romantic (Weekend) Getaways in Utah

2. The Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa

Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa

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Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa – Horseback Riding

To get out into the majestic nature that the West is so acclaimed for, whisk your loved one away to the Sorrel River Ranch. This breathtaking destination is nestled on the secluded banks of the Colorado River and situated right in the heart of the astounding Utah Red Rock wilderness, perfect for when you want to go off the grid for a little while.

Join a group at the Resort to go canyoneering for a day. This high adventure activity combines hiking, climbing, rappelling, and sometimes swimming through the most spectacular canyons of the Red Rocks. To keep your adrenaline pumping, consider skydiving with your loved one to get a sensory overload with the jaw-dropping views.

If that’s too much intensity for your romantic weekend, not to worry. There’s also art classes at the Ranch, where you’ll be guided to paint some of the United States’ most breathtaking scenery. And don’t miss Astronomy night, where the resort’s experienced astronomer guides guests through stargazing sessions throughout the vast Western nighttime skies.

Website: http://www.sorrelriver.com/

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