15 Best Romantic (Weekend) Getaways in Kentucky

2. The Campbell House

The Campbell House

At the Campbell House in Lexington, Kentucky, you and your loved one will truly have your cake and eat it too. Though the traditional Colonial-style giant is a residential estate, it’s actually owned by Hilton. Therefore, guests can relish the charm and unique flare of staying in an authentic Southern Inn without having to forfeit any of the modern luxuries of a world-class hotel.

The Campbell House proudly embraces its identity in the heart of house country. As you explore the House, you’ll find equestrian themed décor throughout, including an impressive statue of a thoroughbred at the entrance.

Nearby, famous horse race tracks abound for the ultimate Kentucky Derby experience. Or if that’s not your thing, there are also many historic distilleries, festivals, and of course downtown Lexington itself to venture into.

Take advantage of Kentucky’s highlights with Campbell House’s “Brewgrass Trail Package,” where you and your loved one can join a tour through Lexington’s craft breweries. Or try the “Bourbon Trail Package” to discover Kentucky Bourbon at its finest.

Website: http://www.thecampbellhouse.com/

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