15 Best Romantic (Weekend) Getaways in Georgia

12. Hotel Indigo – Athens

Hotel Indigo

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Hotel Indigo

In Athens, where some 36,000 students attend the University of Georgia, couples can enjoy the youthful vibe and art scene at Hotel Indigo. You and your loved one will get the college-town ambiance while residing in eco-friendly luxury.

Hotel Indigo is unique in that it has salvaged materials from the surrounding 500-mile radius of the city, including local granite and reclaimed woof from a 100-year-old South Carolina cotton mill. It combines rustic Southern charm with chic elegance and modern architecture to make it truly fit in to the scene of Athens.

In Athens, couples will immerse themselves in the creativity that defines the city. From reflecting on museums to being serenated in music halls and strolling through the botanical gardens, Athens will bring you all the culture that Georgia has to offer.

Website: http://www.indigoathens.com/

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