15 Best Resorts in Mississippi

Home of the Delta Blues, Mississippi is more than just the hardest question on a spelling test. Rich in culture, character and history, the Magnolia State has a unique place in American Folklore. The state is the birthplace of the river that bears its name, and has carried the dreams of so many American’s along its twisting tides. It had a crucial role in the Civil War and was the setting for some of the landmark events that marked the Civil Rights Movement.

The state is steeped in, and ferociously proud of its history. The stately Antebellum homes that grace the magnolia-bounded streets recall images of a time when the country was driving for change and maturity. Many of the battlefields that witnessed the most crucial battles of the Civil War are held in esteem, and used to commemorate the events that changed the face of the country.

But the history of Mississippi is not all brother against brother. Mississippi is acknowledged as the home of Blues Music, and throughout the state the Mississippi Blues Trail markers notate areas and events of particular interest in the development of the music genre that would become Rock and Roll. If you are a fan of music, any type of music, a pilgrimage to Mississippi is a vital element of your education.

The Magnolia state is also home to some truly magnificent accommodation that will deliver its own, unique flavor to your journey. Lets have a look at the best resorts in Mississippi:

1. Pickwick Pines Resort

Pickwick Pines Resort

Situated walking distance from Pickwick Lake, the Pickwick Pines Resort is designed and placed to allow for an affordable, enjoyable holiday inside a gated, secure campus. Graced with three swimming pools, sporting facilities (volleyball, tennis and basketball) a community center with a billiards table, and a fitness center, the Resort provides for a self-contained oasis where guests can relax and enjoy their stay, or use it as a base camp to branch out and explore the state.

As for accommodation, guests can rent one of their beautiful homes to enjoy your stay at this magnificent paradise on earth! The best part is when you rent one of their homes, you get access to all their amenities. Even better, you get to explore crystal clear waters of the glistering lake nearby.

Website: http://www.pickwickpinesresort.com/

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15 Best Resorts in Mississippi:

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