15 Best Resorts in Connecticut

The most southern of the New England states, Connecticut is another American State that is proud of its long heritage and place in the history of the United States. Called the Constitution State (probably Mark Twain’s State doesn’t quite roll off the tongue), Connecticut enjoys Atlantic coastline and sublime weather that allows visitors to enjoy, swimming, fishing, hiking and skiing depending on the time of their visit.

The state harbors a rich cultural history that extends beyond just Mark Twain’s House and Museum (although go there, because, you know, Mark Twain!). Live music and theatre are well supported, with multiple venues and events running all year round, including a theatre culture that feeds to Broadway. Connecticut also boasts some premier Casino destinations, and world class wineries and micro-breweries.

Lets have a look at the best resorts in Connecticut:

1. Water’s Edge Resort and Spa

Water’s Edge Resort and Spa

Located where ‘Connecticut meets the shore’ the Water’s Edge Resort has been serving tourists to Connecticut for over 30 years from its beautiful character residences and private beach. The buildings making up the complex have been cleverly designed to take full advantage of the ocean views, while maintaining the charm and majesty of the Spa resort.

Equipped with a beach-side pool, a world-class spa, four restaurants (including a neat little café, and an authentic Italian restaurant), and a myriad of entertainment options there is little need to leave the complex once you have arrived. With a variety of accommodation to choose from, you’ll experience the most charming views of the surroundings. A perfect location to cater for a wedding or corporate function, the distinct character of the Water’s Edge is sure to create memories.

Website: https://watersedgeresortandspa.com/

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15 Best Resorts in Connecticut:

Water’s Edge Resort and Spa