15 Best Resorts in Barbados

The Caribbean is a popular destination vacation spot. And why wouldn’t it be? With tropical climates that make summer-time last all year long, with winters mild and sunny, why wouldn’t anyone want to back their bags and take a trip to any one of the islands dotting the Caribbean? Travelers seeking their perfect island vacation ought to turn their eyes onto Barbados.

Considered “the gem of the Caribbean”, Barbados is a small island only 14 miles wide in the Caribbean Sea, bordering the Atlantic. Barbados is a popular destination for couples, families, and corporate retreats. The island is surrounded with warm, white sand beaches, which makes it the perfect place for hotels and resorts.

With so many different places boasting to be the best, it can be difficult to do the research it takes to make sure you’re getting the absolute best out of your vacation. Barbados is a small island, but it’s brimming with activity. Before you decide on a resort, make sure you’re finding the one that’s right for your dream island getaway.

Let’s have a look at the best resorts in Barbados:

1. The Crane Resort

The Crane Resort

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The Crane Resort

Nestled on a pristine, Barbados beach alongside the Caribbean Sea, the Crane Resort is Barbados first resort founded in 1887. With stunning views and an unspoiled coast, the Crane Resort is perfect for families and couples alike. Guest can take their pick of garden or ocean view rooms and suites with one or two bedrooms. There are also garden or rooftop pools that come with the deluxe suites.

There are 7 on-site dining venues at the Crane Resort, which fill give guests their choice of cuisine from classic Caribbean to casual beachside favorites. Along with the pools and Crane Beach, this resort offers a Serenity Spa and fitness center for guests to align their minds and bodies during their vacation.

Website: https://www.thecrane.com/

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15 Best Resorts in Barbados:

The Crane Resort