15 Best Places to Visit in Wiltshire (England)

In the West Country, Wiltshire is a county of chalk downs that meet the Cotswold Hills on the boundaries with Somerset and Gloucestershire.

As one of the most fertile regions in England there’s abundant farmland in Wiltshire, interspersed with well-looked after towns, and villages prized for their cute thatched cottages.

The county’s hilltops are crowned with former Bronze age forts and burial mounds, and there also Neolithic monuments like the world-famous Stonehenge or the stone circles at Avebury, which are all part of a World Heritage Site.

Safe to say there was a lot happening in this part of England thousands of years ago.

One of the things that makes Wiltshire so quiet now is the restricted Salisbury Plain in the middle of the county, a gigantic tract of military land with army bases and airfields.

1. Salisbury

Salisbury, England

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Salisbury, England

Historic Salisbury is a beautifully-presented city drenched in medieval heritage, and one of the main ports of call for tourists in Wiltshire.

And this is no mystery when you see the cathedral and uncover the riveting history within its walls.

This sensational 13th-century building has the oldest working clock in the world, from 1386, and it has the best-preserved of the four copies of the Magna Carta.

The cathedral is compulsory, but just one of many things to get excited about.

The Salisbury is a great accompaniment to nearby Stonehenge and Wiltshire’s Bronze Age monuments,  while on a hilltop north of Salisbury is Old Sarum, where the old city and cathedral once stood.

There had been a settlement here from the Bronze Age to the 13th century when the cathedral was moved to its current location.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Wiltshire (England):

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