15 Best Places to Visit in Togo

Togo is just a thin sliver of West Africa; a line of land that ranges from the Atlantic Ocean to the depths of inland Burkina Faso. But size has never been an issue for this culturally-rich place sandwiched between Benin and much-bigger Ghana. Still endearingly and excitingly off-the-beaten-track, it bursts from the region in a medley of misty mountains and swamps, winding rivers and muddy backcountry, all trodden by the occasional elephant herd and bushbuck.

In the south, the salty spray of the Atlantic crashes against the beaches, and little lagoons host watersporting locals all the while. The capital at Lome ticks over to the buzz of modern energy, still proud of its elegant Parisian-style boulevards and cafes. And deep in the north the Sahel takes over. It’s here that the savannah dominates, and the mysterious adobe villages of Koutammakou pop up – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s certainly worth the visit!

Lets explore the best places to visit in Togo:

1. Kpalime


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Palm trees burst from the mud-caked tin shacks and low-lying bungalows of Togo’s outdoorsy hub.

A town set beneath the jungle-dressed ridges of the Plateaux Region, and peppered with German colonial relics and the occasional European-style church spire, it’s famed for its backcountry and bazaars.

The former yields up gushing waterfalls at spots like Tomegbe and Kpoeta, and offers the hiking trails of Mount Agou (the highest in the country). The latter means craft sellers whittling away at Voodoo wood carvings, interesting ceramic creations, mysterious religious trinkets, and – of course – coffee beans, cacao, and tropical fruits.

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15 Best Places to Visit in Togo: