15 Best Places to Visit in Tanzania

Tanzania is the revered promised land at the end of the Great Rift Valley; a colossal cut-out of East Africa that’s really not like anywhere else in the region. It ranges from the powder-sand beaches of glimmering white on the Zanzibar Archipelago to the cloud-beating, snow-topped summits of monstrous Mount Kilimanjaro in the north.

Elephants and leopards come face to face in its hinterlands; African wild dogs prowl under the shade of bulbous baobab trees. Christians and Muslins share the cities, and there are even relics of voodoo-practicing shamans on the far-flung cays. It’s a place tailormade for the safari goer just as much as the SCUBA diver; a picturesque country that’s perfect for budding trekkers and explorers (did we mention that this one has Africa’s highest peak?), just as it is for culture buffs and history lovers.

Lets explore the best places to visit in Tanzania:

1. Unguja


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Don’t knock us for ditching the safari parks and picking picture-perfect Unguja (the kingpin of Zanzibar) for the top spot! If only you could see just how aquamarine the waters were here (move over Cote d’Azur!), how soft the sands; how immersive those Swahili marketplaces, we’re certain you would have too.

Once trodden by sultans and British imperialists, the capital of Stone Town here bursts with coral-stone forts, Persian palaces, and European frontispieces.

And then there are the beaches, from seaweed-spattered Kendwa to whiter-than-white Nungwi and its salt-washed bungalows on the shore.

Hey, this little isle in the Indian Ocean really did earn its place as the byword for tropical perfection!

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15 Best Places to Visit in Tanzania:

Serengeti National Park