15 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

2. Bled

Lake Bled

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Lake Bled

People will tell you that Slovenia looks like something out of a fairy tale, all brooding castles and verdant forests, and the picturesque town of Bled is no exception. The town features a glassy lake that is perfect for boating trips to the small island in the centre that has its own church, or if you fancy something more active you can choose to go kayaking or canoeing. Cycling and hiking around the lake are also common pastimes as are visits to the Gothic Church that sits perched on a hill overlooking the town. There are also famous skiing areas located just outside of Bled that can be accessed via chairlift that will take you to the summit of Straža Ski Slope and you can either choose to ski or even use a toboggan to get to the bottom.

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