15 Best Places to Visit in Romania

2. Brasov


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Located in Transylvania and ringed by the Carpathian Mountains, Brasov is one of the most visited tourist locations in Romania. Home to the towering Black Church with its 4,000 pipe organ (13th century), it’s definitely worth your time.  It combines city life and old world charm with stunning landscapes and rich history.  You’ll want to see Piata Sfatului (Council Square) and the Casa Sfatului (local museum).  But the real reason to visit is Bran Castle – otherwise known as Dracula’s Castle. There’s a ton of myth to sort through, but Bran the setting of Bram Stokers Dracula and is now a museum open to tourists. You’ll love strolling through Brasov’s maze of streets, boho cafes, and real life gingerbread houses.

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