15 Best Places to Visit in North Yorkshire (England)

2. Whitby


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Penned to the coast by the North York Moors, Whitby is a town around a former whaling harbour lodged in the River Esk estuary.

The older east bank of the river is all fishing cottages, cobblestone lanes and maritime inns, with a listed building every few steps.

Looking down on that east bank are the spectral ruins of Whitby Abbey, claimed to have inspired Bram Stoker to make the town his point of arrival for Dracula.

The town has cinematic beaches, historic churches, loads of fragments of its old whaling industry and a museum for Captain James Cook, the first western explorer to reach Australia, New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands.

This attraction is in the former home of the Walker Brothers, ship-owners who employed Cook while he was in Whitby.

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